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# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/profiles/desc/foo2zjs_devices.desc,v 1.9 2013/06/03 19:13:42 jer Exp $
# This file contains descriptions of FOO2ZJS_DEVICES USE_EXPAND flags.
# created by
# Keep it sorted.
hp2600n - Get HP Color LaserJet 2600n .ICM files
hp1600 - Get HP Color LaserJet 1600 .ICM files
hp1500 - Get HP Color LaserJet 1500 .ICM files
km2530 - Get Konica Minolta 2530 DL .ICM files
km2490 - Get Konica Minolta 2490 MF .ICM files
km2480 - Get Konica Minolta 2480 MF .ICM files
xp6115 - Get Xerox Phaser 6115MFP .ICM files
km2430 - Get Konica Minolta 2430 DL .ICM files
km2300 - Get Minolta 2300 DL .ICM files
km2200 - Get Minolta 2200 DL .ICM files
kmcpwl - Get Minolta Color PageWorks/Pro L .ICM files
sa300 - Get Samsung CLP-300 .ICM files
sa315 - Get Samsung CLP-315 .ICM files
sa2160 - Get Samsung CLX-2160 .ICM files
sa3160 - Get Samsung CLX-3160 .ICM files
xp6110 - Get Xerox Phaser 6110 and 6110MFP .ICM files
lm500 - Get Lexmark C500 .ICM files
oki3200 - Get Oki C3200 .ICM files
oki3300 - Get Oki C3300 .ICM files
oki3400 - Get Oki C3400 .ICM files
oki3530 - Get Oki C3530 .ICM files
oki5100 - Get Oki C5100 .ICM files
oki5200 - Get Oki C5200 .ICM files
oki5500 - Get Oki C5500 .ICM files
oki5600 - Get Oki C5600 .ICM files
oki5800 - Get Oki C5800 .ICM files
hp1215 - Get HP LJ 1215 firmware file
hp1020 - Get HP LJ 1020 firmware file
hp1018 - Get HP LJ 1005 firmware file
hp1005 - Get HP LJ 1005 firmware file
hp1000 - Get HP LJ 1000 firmware file
hpp1505 - Get HP LJ P1505 firmware file
hpp1008 - Get HP LJ P1008 firmware file
hpp1007 - Get HP LJ P1007 firmware file
hpp1006 - Get HP LJ P1006 firmware file
hpp1005 - Get HP LJ P1005 firmware file