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<maintainer type="project">
<flag name="amr">Enables Adaptive Multi-Rate Audio support</flag>
<flag name="amrenc">Enables Adaptive Multi-Rate Audio encoding support with <pkg>media-libs/vo-amrwbenc</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="appkit">Enables Apple AppKit framework</flag>
<flag name="bluray">Enable playback of Blu-ray filesystems</flag>
<flag name="bs2b">Enables <pkg>media-libs/libbs2b</pkg> based Bauer stereo-to-binaural filter.</flag>
<flag name="cdio">Enables audio CD grabbing with <pkg>dev-libs/libcdio</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="chromaprint">Enables audio fingerprinting support with <pkg>media-libs/chromaprint</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="chromium">Builds to enable media playback in Chromium-based browsers like Opera and Vivaldi.</flag>
<flag name="codec2">Enables codec2 low bit rate speech codec support via <pkg>media-libs/codec2</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="cpudetection">Enables runtime CPU detection (useful for bindist, compatibility on other CPUs)</flag>
<flag name="cuda">Enables CUDA-based acceleration. Mostly used for specific filters.</flag>
<flag name="dav1d">Enables AV1 decoding via <pkg>media-libs/dav1d</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="fdk">Use external fdk-aac library for AAC encoding</flag>
<flag name="flite">Adds a text-to-speech filter based on <pkg>app-accessibility/flite</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="frei0r">Enable frei0r wrapping in libavfilter</flag>
<flag name="fribidi">Enables fribidi support in the drawtext filter.</flag>
<flag name="gcrypt">Enables gcrypt support: Needed for rtmp(t)e support if openssl, librtmp or gmp is not used.</flag>
<flag name="gme">Enables support for <pkg>media-libs/game-music-emu</pkg> for playing various video game music formats.</flag>
<flag name="gpl">Build GPL code. Should be enabled unless you require LGPL binaries.</flag>
<flag name="hardcoded-tables">Use pre-calculated tables rather than calculating them on the fly.</flag>
<flag name="iec61883"> Support for FireWire DV/HDV input device using <pkg>media-libs/libiec61883</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="kvazaar">Enables <pkg>media-libs/kvazaar</pkg> based HEVC encoder.</flag>
<flag name="libaom">Enables <pkg>media-libs/libaom</pkg> based AV1 codec support.</flag>
<flag name="libaribb24">Enables ARIB text and caption decoding via <pkg>media-libs/aribb24</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="libdrm">Enables <pkg>x11-libs/libdrm</pkg> support for better screen grabbing and hardware accelerated codecs.</flag>
<flag name="libilbc">Enables iLBC de/encoding via <pkg>media-libs/libilbc</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="librtmp">Enables Real Time Messaging Protocol using librtmp (<pkg>media-video/rtmpdump</pkg>) in addition to FFmpeg's native implementation.</flag>
<flag name="libsoxr">Enables audio resampling through <pkg>media-libs/soxr</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="libtesseract">Enables the OCR filter via <pkg>app-text/tesseract</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="libv4l">Uses <pkg>media-libs/libv4l</pkg> for video4linux instead of direct calls. Adds support for more devices via the userspace library.</flag>
<flag name="libxml2">Uses <pkg>dev-libs/libxml2</pkg> to enable dash demuxing support.</flag>
<flag name="lv2">Enables lv2 audio filter wrapper.</flag>
<flag name="mipsdspr1">Enables MIPS DSP ASE R1 optimizations.</flag>
<flag name="mipsdspr2">Enables MIPS DSP ASE R2 optimizations.</flag>
<flag name="mipsfpu">Enables floating point MIPS optimizations.</flag>
<flag name="mmal">Enables Multi-Media Abstraction Layer (MMAL) decoding support: Available e.g. on the Raspberry Pi.</flag>
<flag name="network">Enables network streaming support</flag>
<flag name="nvenc">Adds support for NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) API for hardware accelerated encoding on NVIDIA cards.</flag>
<flag name="opencl">Enable OpenCL support</flag>
<flag name="openh264">Enables H.264 encoding suppoprt via <pkg>media-libs/openh264</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="openssl">Enables <pkg>dev-libs/openssl</pkg> support. Adds support for encrypted network protocols (TLS/HTTPS).</flag>
<flag name="pic">Force shared libraries to be built as PIC (this is slower)</flag>
<flag name="postproc">Build and install libpostproc.</flag>
<flag name="rubberband">Adds time-stretching and pitch-shifting audio filter based on <pkg>media-libs/rubberband</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="snappy">Enable <pkg>app-arch/snappy</pkg> support. Required for e.g. Vidvox Hap encoder.</flag>
<flag name="srt">Enable support for Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) via <pkg>net-libs/srt</pkg></flag>
<flag name="ssh">Enable SSH/sftp support via <pkg>net-libs/libssh</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="twolame">Enables MP2 encoding via <pkg>media-sound/twolame</pkg> as an alternative to the internal encoder.</flag>
<flag name="vidstab">Enables video stabilization filter using vid.stab library (<pkg>media-libs/vidstab</pkg>).</flag>
<flag name="vpx">Enables vp8 codec support using libvpx: Decoding vp8 does not require this to be enabled but libvpx can also be used for decoding; encoding vp8 requires this useflag to be enabled though.</flag>
<flag name="x265">Enables HEVC encoding with <pkg>media-libs/x265</pkg>.</flag>
<flag name="zeromq">Enables <pkg>net-libs/zeromq</pkg> support with the zmq/azmq filters.</flag>
<flag name="zimg">Enables <pkg>media-libs/zimg</pkg> based scale filter.</flag>
<flag name="zvbi">Enables <pkg>media-libs/zvbi</pkg> based teletext decoder.</flag>
<slot name="0">For building against. This is the only slot that provides
headers and command line tools. Binary compatibility slots come and go
as required, so always pin dependencies to this slot when appropriate.</slot>