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1) perf build
The perf build process consists of several separated building blocks,
which are linked together to form the perf binary:
- libperf library (static)
- perf builtin commands
- traceevent library (static)
- GTK ui library
Several makefiles govern the perf build:
- Makefile
top level Makefile working as a wrapper that calls the main
Makefile.perf with a -j option to do parallel builds.
- Makefile.perf
main makefile that triggers build of all perf objects including
installation and documentation processing.
- tools/build/
main makefile of the build framework
- tools/build/Build.include
build framework generic definitions
- Build makefiles
makefiles that defines build objects
Please refer to tools/build/Documentation/Build.txt for more
information about build framework.
2) perf build
The Makefile.perf triggers the build framework for build objects:
perf, libperf, gtk
resulting in following objects:
$ ls *-in.o
gtk-in.o libperf-in.o perf-in.o
Those objects are then used in final linking: <- gtk-in.o libperf-in.o
perf <- perf-in.o libperf-in.o
NOTE this description is omitting other libraries involved, only
focusing on build framework outcomes