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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Deps analysis service."""
import functools
import itertools
import os
from pathlib import Path
from typing import List, Mapping, Optional
from chromite.lib import build_target_lib
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import dependency_lib
from chromite.lib import portage_util
from chromite.scripts import cros_extract_deps
if cros_build_lib.IsInsideChroot():
from chromite.lib import depgraph
class Error(Exception):
"""Base error class for the module."""
def GenerateSourcePathMapping(packages: List[str],
sysroot_path: Optional[str] = None,
board: Optional[str] = None,
sdk: bool = False) -> Mapping[str, List[str]]:
"""Returns a map from each package to the source paths it depends on.
A source path is considered dependency of a package if modifying files in that
path might change the content of the resulting package.
1) This method errs on the side of returning unneeded dependent paths.
i.e: for a given package X, some of its dependency source paths may
contain files which doesn't affect the content of X.
On the other hand, any missing dependency source paths for package X is
considered a bug.
2) This only outputs the direct dependency source paths for a given package
and does not takes include the dependency source paths of dependency
e.g: if package A depends on B (DEPEND=B), then results of computing
dependency source paths of A doesn't include dependency source paths
of B.
packages: The list of packages CPV names (str)
sysroot_path: The path to the sysroot. Optional if |board| set and using
default sysroot. If the packages are board agnostic, you can set |sdk|
instead. Must not be set when using |sdk|.
board: The name of the board. Optional if |sysroot| is set and in the
default location. If the packages are board agnostic, you can set |sdk|
instead. Must not be set when using |sdk|.
sdk: Use the SDK's overlays instead of a board's overlays to find packages.
This is effectively the set of shared, public overlays.
Map from each package to the source path (relative to the repo checkout
root, i.e: ~/trunk/ in your cros_sdk) it depends on.
For each source path which is a directory, the string is ended with a
trailing '/'.
assert not sdk or (board is None and sysroot_path is None), (
'Cannot specify |board| or |sysroot_path| when setting |sdk|.')
if sdk:
# Use the SDK info.
sysroot_path = build_target_lib.get_sdk_sysroot_path()
elif not sysroot_path:
# Get the default sysroot for the board.
sysroot_path = build_target_lib.get_default_sysroot_path(board)
elif (sysroot_path and not board and
sysroot_path != build_target_lib.get_sdk_sysroot_path()):
# Get the board name from the sysroot path unless it's the SDK's sysroot.
board = os.path.basename(sysroot_path)
# We should definitely have a sysroot at this point.
assert sysroot_path
return dependency_lib.get_source_path_mapping(packages, sysroot_path, board)
def GetBuildDependency(sysroot_path, board=None, packages=None):
"""Return the build dependency and package -> source path map for |board|.
sysroot_path (str): The path to the sysroot, or None if no sysroot is being
board (str): The name of the board whose artifacts are being created, or
None if no sysroot is being used.
packages (tuple[CPV]): The packages that need to be built, or empty / None
to use the default list.
JSON build dependencies report for the given board which includes:
- Package level deps graph from portage
- Map from each package to the source path
(relative to the repo checkout root, i.e: ~/trunk/ in your cros_sdk) it
depends on
if not sysroot_path:
sysroot_path = build_target_lib.get_default_sysroot_path(board)
results = {
'sysroot_path': sysroot_path,
'target_board': board,
'package_deps': {},
'source_path_mapping': {},
sdk_sysroot = build_target_lib.get_sdk_sysroot_path()
sdk_results = {
'sysroot_path': sdk_sysroot,
'target_board': 'sdk',
'package_deps': {},
'source_path_mapping': {},
if sysroot_path != sdk_sysroot:
board_packages = []
if packages:
board_packages.extend([cpv.cp for cpv in packages])
# Since we don’t have a clear mapping from autotests to git repos
# and/or portage packages, we assume every board run all autotests.
board_packages += ['chromeos-base/autotest-all']
board_deps, board_bdeps = cros_extract_deps.ExtractDeps(
indep_packages = [
'virtual/target-sdk', 'virtual/target-sdk-post-cross',
indep_deps, _ = cros_extract_deps.ExtractDeps(
sysroot=sdk_results['sysroot_path'], package_list=indep_packages)
indep_map = GenerateSourcePathMapping(list(indep_deps), sdk=True)
if sysroot_path != sdk_sysroot:
bdep_map = GenerateSourcePathMapping(list(board_bdeps), sdk=True)
board_map = GenerateSourcePathMapping(list(board_deps), sysroot_path, board)
return results, sdk_results
def determine_package_relevance(dep_src_paths: List[str],
src_paths: Optional[List[str]] = None) -> bool:
"""Determine if the package is relevant to the given source paths.
A package is relevant if any of its dependent source paths is in the given
list of source paths. If no source paths are given, the default is True.
dep_src_paths: List of source paths the package depends on.
src_paths: List of source paths of interest.
if not src_paths:
return True
for src_path in (Path(x) for x in src_paths):
for dep_src_path in (Path(x) for x in dep_src_paths):
# Will throw an error if src_path isn't under dep_src_path.
return True
except ValueError:
return False
def GetDependencies(sysroot_path: str,
src_paths: Optional[List[str]] = None,
packages: Optional[List[str]] = None,
include_rev_dependencies: bool = False) -> List[str]:
"""Return the packages dependent on the given source paths for |board|.
sysroot_path: The path to the sysroot.
src_paths: List of paths for which to get a list of dependent packages. If
empty / None returns all package dependencies.
packages: The packages that need to be built, or empty / None to use the
default list.
include_rev_dependencies: Whether to include the reverse dependencies of
relevant packages.
The relevant package dependencies based on the given list of packages and
pkgs = tuple(packages) if packages else None
dep_graph = depgraph.get_sysroot_dependency_graph(
sysroot_path, pkgs, with_src_paths=True)
if not src_paths:
return [x.pkg_info for x in dep_graph.get_nodes()]
dep_nodes = dep_graph.get_relevant_nodes(src_paths=src_paths)
rev_dep_nodes = []
if include_rev_dependencies:
for dep in dep_nodes:
return list({dep.pkg_info for dep in dep_nodes + rev_dep_nodes})
def DetermineToolchainSourcePaths():
"""Returns a list of all source paths relevant to toolchain packages.
A package is a 'toolchain package' if it is listed as a direct dependency
of virtual/toolchain-packages. This function deliberately does not return
deeper transitive dependencies so that only direct changes to toolchain
packages trigger the expensive full re-compilation required to test toolchain
changes. Eclasses & overlays are not returned as relevant paths for the same
Returned paths are relative to the root of the project checkout.
List[str]: A list of paths considered relevant to toolchain packages.
source_paths = set()
toolchain_pkgs = portage_util.GetFlattenedDepsForPackage(
'virtual/toolchain-packages', depth=1)
mapping = dependency_lib.get_source_path_mapping(
return list(source_paths)