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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""cbuildbot logic for uploading prebuilts and managing binhosts."""
import glob
import logging
import os
from chromite.cbuildbot import commands
from chromite.lib import constants
from chromite.lib.parser import package_info
# The list of packages to upload for the dev-install tool. This path is
# relative to the /build/$BOARD sysroot.
_BINHOST_PACKAGE_FILE = 'build/dev-install/package.installable'
def _AddPackagesForPrebuilt(filename):
"""Add list of packages for upload.
Process a file that lists all the packages that can be uploaded to the
package prebuilt bucket and generates the command line args for
filename: file with the package full name (category/name-version), one
package per line.
A list of parameters for upload_prebuilts. For example:
['--packages=net-misc/dhcp', '--packages=app-admin/eselect-python']
cmd = []
with open(filename) as f:
# Get only the package name and category as that is what upload_prebuilts
# matches on.
for line in f:
atom = line.split('#', 1)[0].strip()
cpv = package_info.parse(atom)
if not cpv.atom:
logging.warning('Could not split atom %r (line: %r)', atom, line)
cmd.extend(['--packages=%s' % cpv.atom])
return cmd
except IOError as e:
logging.warning('Problem with package file %s', filename)
logging.warning('Skipping uploading of prebuilts.')
logging.warning('ERROR(%d): %s', e.errno, e.strerror)
return None
def GetToolchainSdkPaths(build_root, is_overlay=False):
"""Returns toolchain-sdk's built tar paths, and their target names.
build_root: Path to the build root directory.
is_overlay: True if finding toolchain-sdk-overlay tars.
A list of pairs of (upload_sdk_target_name, toolchain_sdk_tarball_path).
if is_overlay:
prefix = 'built-sdk-overlay-toolchains-'
out_dir = constants.SDK_OVERLAYS_OUTPUT
prefix = ''
out_dir = constants.SDK_TOOLCHAINS_OUTPUT
glob_pattern = os.path.join(
build_root, constants.DEFAULT_CHROOT_DIR, out_dir, prefix + '*.tar.*')
result = []
for tarball in sorted(glob.glob(glob_pattern)):
name = os.path.basename(tarball).split('.', 1)[0]
target = name[len(prefix):]
result.append((target, tarball))
return result
def GetToolchainSdkUploadFormat(version, tarball, is_overlay=False):
"""Returns format string of the upload toolchain path.
version: Dot-delimited version number string of the toolchain sdk.
tarball: Path to the tarball to be uploaded.
is_overlay: True if the format is for toolchain-sdk-overlay.
Upload format string for the given toolchain tarball.
# Remaining artifacts get uploaded into <year>/<month>/ subdirs so we don't
# start dumping even more stuff into the top level. Also, the following
# code handles any tarball suffix (.tar.*). For each of the artifact types
# below, we also generate a single upload path template to be filled by the
# uploading script. This has placeholders for the version (substituted
# first) and another qualifier (either board or target, substituted second
# and therefore uses a quoted %% modifier).
# TODO(garnold) Using a mix of quoted/unquoted template variables is
# confusing and error-prone, we should get rid of it.
# TODO(garnold) Be specific about matching file suffixes, like making sure
# there's nothing past the compression suffix (for example, .tar.xz.log).
subdir_prefix = os.path.join(*version.split('.')[0:2])
suffix = os.path.basename(tarball).split('.', 1)[1]
if is_overlay:
template = 'cros-sdk-overlay-toolchains-%%(toolchains)s-%(version)s.'
template = '%%(target)s-%(version)s.'
return os.path.join(subdir_prefix, template + suffix)
def UploadPrebuilts(category, private_bucket, buildroot, version=None,
"""Upload Prebuilts for non-dev-installer use cases.
category: Build type.
Can be [binary|full|chrome|chroot|paladin|postsubmit].
private_bucket: True if we are uploading to a private bucket.
buildroot: The root directory where the build occurs.
version: Specific version to set.
board: Board type that was built on this machine.
extra_args: Extra args to pass to prebuilts script.
extra_args = ['--prepend-version', category]
extra_args.extend(['--upload', 'gs://chromeos-prebuilt'])
if private_bucket:
extra_args.extend(['--private', '--binhost-conf-dir',
extra_args.extend(['--binhost-conf-dir', constants.PUBLIC_BINHOST_CONF_DIR])
if version is not None:
extra_args.extend(['--set-version', version])
if category == constants.CHROOT_BUILDER_TYPE:
tarball_location = os.path.join(buildroot, 'built-sdk.tar.xz')
extra_args.extend(['--prepackaged-tarball', tarball_location])
# Find toolchain overlay tarballs of the form
# built-sdk-overlay-toolchains-<toolchains_spec>.tar.* and create an upload
# specification for each of them. The upload path template has the form
# cros-sdk-overlay-toolchains-<toolchain_spec>-<version>.tar.*.
toolchain_overlay_paths = GetToolchainSdkPaths(buildroot, is_overlay=True)
if toolchain_overlay_paths:
# Only add the upload path arg when processing the first tarball.
version, toolchain_overlay_paths[0][1], is_overlay=True)])
for entry in toolchain_overlay_paths:
extra_args.extend(['--toolchains-overlay-tarball', '%s:%s' % entry])
# Find toolchain package tarballs of the form <target>.tar.* and create an
# upload specificion for each fo them. The upload path template has the
# form <target>-<version>.tar.*.
toolchain_paths = GetToolchainSdkPaths(buildroot)
if toolchain_paths:
# Only add the path arg when processing the first tarball. We do
# this to get access to the tarball suffix dynamically (so it can
# change and this code will still work).
GetToolchainSdkUploadFormat(version, toolchain_paths[0][1])])
for entry in toolchain_paths:
extra_args.extend(['--toolchain-tarball', '%s:%s' % entry])
assert category in (constants.FULL_TYPE,
extra_args.extend(['--key', _FULL_BINHOST])
kwargs.setdefault('extra_args', []).extend(extra_args)
return _UploadPrebuilts(buildroot=buildroot, **kwargs)
class PackageFileMissing(Exception):
"""Raised when the dev installer package file is missing."""
def UploadDevInstallerPrebuilts(binhost_bucket, binhost_key, binhost_base_url,
buildroot, board, **kwargs):
"""Upload Prebuilts for dev-installer use case.
binhost_bucket: bucket for uploading prebuilt packages. If it equals None
then the default bucket is used.
binhost_key: key parameter to pass onto upload_prebuilts. If it equals
None, then chrome_rev is used to select a default key.
binhost_base_url: base url for upload_prebuilts. If None the parameter
--binhost-base-url is absent.
buildroot: The root directory where the build occurs.
board: Board type that was built on this machine.
extra_args: Extra args to pass to prebuilts script.
extra_args = [
'--binhost-base-url', binhost_base_url,
'--upload', binhost_bucket,
'--key', binhost_key,
filename = os.path.join(buildroot, constants.DEFAULT_CHROOT_DIR,
'build', board, _BINHOST_PACKAGE_FILE)
cmd_packages = _AddPackagesForPrebuilt(filename)
if cmd_packages:
raise PackageFileMissing()
kwargs.setdefault('extra_args', []).extend(extra_args)
return _UploadPrebuilts(buildroot=buildroot, board=board, **kwargs)
def _UploadPrebuilts(buildroot, board, extra_args):
"""Upload prebuilts.
buildroot: The root directory where the build occurs.
board: Board type that was built on this machine.
extra_args: Extra args to pass to prebuilts script.
cmd = ['upload_prebuilts', '--build-path', buildroot]
if board:
cmd.extend(['--board', board])
commands.RunBuildScript(buildroot, cmd, chromite_cmd=True)
class BinhostConfWriter(object):
"""Writes *BINHOST.conf commits on master, on behalf of slaves."""
# TODO(mtennant): This class represents logic spun out from
# UploadPrebuiltsStage that is specific to a master builder. This is
# currently used by the Commit Queue and the Master PFQ builder, but
# could be used by other master builders that upload prebuilts,
# e.g., x86-alex-pre-flight-branch. When completed the
# UploadPrebuiltsStage code can be thinned significantly.
def __init__(self, builder_run):
"""BinhostConfWriter constructor.
builder_run: BuilderRun instance of the currently running build.
self._run = builder_run
self._prebuilt_type = self._run.config.build_type
self._build_root = os.path.abspath(self._run.buildroot)
def _GenerateCommonArgs(self):
"""Generate common prebuilt arguments."""
generated_args = []
if self._run.options.debug:
generated_args.extend(['--debug', '--dry-run'])
profile = self._run.options.profile or self._run.config['profile']
if profile:
generated_args.extend(['--profile', profile])
# Generate the version if we are a manifest_version build.
if self._run.config.manifest_version:
version = self._run.GetVersion()
generated_args.extend(['--set-version', version])
return generated_args
def _AddOptionsForSlave(slave_config):
"""Private helper method to add upload_prebuilts args for a slave builder.
slave_config: The build config of a slave builder.
An array of options to add to upload_prebuilts array that allow a master
to submit prebuilt conf modifications on behalf of a slave.
args = []
if slave_config['prebuilts']:
for slave_board in slave_config['boards']:
args.extend(['--slave-board', slave_board])
slave_profile = slave_config['profile']
if slave_profile:
args.extend(['--slave-profile', slave_profile])
return args
def Perform(self):
"""Write and commit *BINHOST.conf files."""
# Common args we generate for all types of builds.
generated_args = self._GenerateCommonArgs()
# Args we specifically add for public/private build types.
public_args, private_args = [], []
# Gather public/private (slave) builders.
public_builders, private_builders = [], []
# Public pfqs should upload host preflight prebuilts.
# Update all the binhost conf files.
slave_configs = self._run.site_config.GetSlavesForMaster(
self._run.config, self._run.options)
experimental_builders = self._run.attrs.metadata.GetValueWithDefault(
for slave_config in slave_configs:
if slave_config in experimental_builders:
if slave_config['prebuilts'] == constants.PUBLIC:
elif slave_config['prebuilts'] == constants.PRIVATE:
# Upload the public prebuilts, if any.
if public_builders:
private_bucket=False, buildroot=self._build_root, board=None,
extra_args=generated_args + public_args)
# Upload the private prebuilts, if any.
if private_builders:
private_bucket=True, buildroot=self._build_root, board=None,
extra_args=generated_args + private_args)