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# test/
# Some common utils for tests
# Eli Bendersky (
# This code is in the public domain
import os, subprocess, tempfile
def run_exe(exe_path, args):
""" Runs the given executable as a subprocess, given the
list of arguments. Captures its return code (rc) and stdout and
returns a pair: rc, stdout_str
popen_cmd = [exe_path] + args
if os.path.splitext(exe_path)[1] == '.py':
popen_cmd.insert(0, 'python')
proc = subprocess.Popen(popen_cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
proc_stdout = proc.communicate()[0]
return proc.returncode, proc_stdout
def is_in_rootdir():
""" Check whether the current dir is the root dir of pyelftools
dirstuff = os.listdir('.')
return 'test' in dirstuff and 'elftools' in dirstuff
def dump_output_to_temp_files(testlog, *args):
""" Dumps the output strings given in 'args' to temp files: one for each
for i, s in enumerate(args):
fd, path = tempfile.mkstemp(
prefix='out' + str(i + 1) + '_',
file = os.fdopen(fd, 'w')
file.close()'@@ Output #%s dumped to file: %s' % (i + 1, path))