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# elftools: common/
# Some complementary construct utilities
# Eli Bendersky (
# This code is in the public domain
from ..construct import Subconstruct, ConstructError, ArrayError
class RepeatUntilExcluding(Subconstruct):
""" A version of construct's RepeatUntil that doesn't include the last
element (which casued the repeat to exit) in the return value.
Only parsing is currently implemented.
P.S. removed some code duplication
__slots__ = ["predicate"]
def __init__(self, predicate, subcon):
Subconstruct.__init__(self, subcon)
self.predicate = predicate
def _parse(self, stream, context):
obj = []
context_for_subcon = context
if self.subcon.conflags & self.FLAG_COPY_CONTEXT:
context_for_subcon = context.__copy__()
while True:
subobj = self.subcon._parse(stream, context_for_subcon)
if self.predicate(subobj, context):
except ConstructError as ex:
raise ArrayError("missing terminator", ex)
return obj
def _build(self, obj, stream, context):
raise NotImplementedError('no building')
def _sizeof(self, context):
raise SizeofError("can't calculate size")