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New version
* Update elftools/
* Update
* Update CHANGES
* Tag in git (v0.xx)
The construct seems to be maintained again - they also backported my Python 3
fixes. Theoretically, I can remove construct from pyelftools and use it as a
dependency instead. I don't really have time to play with this now, but may
do so in the future.
python build sdist upload
Preparing a new release
* Run 'tox' tests (with '-r' to create new venvs)
* Make sure new version was updated everywhere appropriate
* Run ``python build sdist`` (no 'upload' yet)
* Untar the created ``dist/pyelftools-x.y.tar.gz`` and make sure
everything looks ok
* Now build with upload to send it to PyPi
* Test with pip install from some new virtualenv
* The older download can be kept alive for a couple of days