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+ Version 0.23 (??)
- Minimal Python 2.x version raised to 2.7
- Basic support for MIPS (contributed by Karl Vogel).
- Support for PT_NOTE segment parsing (contributed by Alex Deymo).
- Support for parsing symbol table in dynamic segment
(contributed by Nam T. Nguyen).
+ Version 0.22 (30.03.2014)
- pyelftools repository moved to
- Support for version sections - contributed by Yann Rouillard.
- Better ARM support (including AArch64) - contributed by Dobromir Stefanov.
- Added some initial support for parsing Solaris OpenCSW ELF files
(contributed by Yann Rouillard).
- Added some initial support for DWARF4 (as generated by gcc 4.8)
and DWARF generated by recent versions of Clang (3.3).
- Added the get_full_path utility method to DIEs that have an associated
file name / path (based on pull request #16 by Shaheed Haque).
- Set up Travis CI integration.
+ Version 0.21 (17.04.2013)
- Added new example: dwarf_decode_address - decode function name and
file & line information from an address.
- Issue #7: parsing incorrect DWARF was made a bit more forgiving for cases
where serialized DIE trees have extra NULLs at the end.
- Very initial support for ARM ELF files (Matthew Fernandez - pull
request #6).
- Support support for dumping the dynamic section (Mike Frysinger - pull
request #7).
- Output of scripts/ now matches that of binutils 2.23.52.
- Added more machine EM_ values to ENUM_E_TYPE.
+ Version 0.20 (27.01.2012)
- Python 3 support
- Fixed some problems with running tests
- Issue #2: made all examples run (and test/ pass)
on Windows.
+ Version 0.10 - Initial public release (06.01.2012)