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# elftools
# Eli Bendersky (
# This code is in the public domain
# Just a script for playing around with pyelftools during testing
# please ignore it!
from __future__ import print_function
import sys, pprint
from elftools.elf.structs import ELFStructs
from elftools.elf.elffile import ELFFile
from elftools.elf.sections import *
from elftools.elf.relocation import *
stream = open('test/testfiles/exe_simple64.elf', 'rb')
efile = ELFFile(stream)
print('elfclass', efile.elfclass)
print('===> %s sections!' % efile.num_sections())
dinfo = efile.get_dwarf_info()
from elftools.dwarf.locationlists import LocationLists
from elftools.dwarf.descriptions import describe_DWARF_expr
llists = LocationLists(, dinfo.structs)
for loclist in llists.iter_location_lists():
print('----> loclist!')
for li in loclist:
print(describe_DWARF_expr(li.loc_expr, dinfo.structs))