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The testing directory contains COS customizer integration tests.
Each *.yaml file in the top level of the directory corresponds to exactly one
COS customizer integration test. These *.yaml files are Cloud Build workflow
definitions, and are intended to be run with the whole COS customizer source.
For example, to run `smoke_test.yaml`, run
`gcloud builds submit --config=testing/smoke_test.yaml .` from the COS
customizer source root.
Directories contain data needed for tests; this usually includes scripts and
cloud-configs. For the most part, test assertions are made in cloud-configs
that run on instances made from generated images.
The util directory contains utilities for all tests. For example, is a Daisy workflow that facilitates running a test. and are used by for creating a
normal VM and GPU VM respectively.
To run all tests, use the script in the COS customizer source