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  1. a349a79 pkg/cos: Update pkg_info to accomodate interface changes. by Anil Altinay · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 58867e3 cos-gpu-installer-v2: Change logging behavior on expected driver installation failure by Arnav Kansal · 5 weeks ago
  3. fe484d7 Fix FindBuild functionality for annotated git tags. by Vaibhav Rustagi · 9 weeks ago
  4. 07a1a4d cos-gpu-installer-v2: Fix EOL termination while updating host runtime linker cache by Arnav Kansal · 9 weeks ago
  5. 4b3bc7d pkg/cos: Update pkg_info to accomodate buildTimePackages. by Vaibhav Rustagi · 4 months ago

Tools for Container-Optimized OS

This is a repository of various tools developed for Container-Optimized OS. Examples include cos-gpu-installer, cos-toolbox, etc.

See for how to contribute.