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<p>Information about this website's features, and how to use them.</p>
This feature displays a list of commits that were submitted between two
COS builds
It accepts either a COS image name or a COS build number. For example,
<b>cos-rc-85-13310-1034-0</b> or <b>13310.1034.0</b> are both
acceptable inputs for a desired build. Image names must match the
regex pattern <i>^cos-(dev-|beta-|stable-|rc-)?([\d-]+)$</i> to be
As an output, the page provides a list of commits that are not common
in both builds.
<div class="circle removal"></div> A commit highlighted in pink
indicates that the commit is present in the first build (the "From"
text box), but not present in the second build (the "To" text box).<br>
<div class="circle addition"></div> A commit highlighted in green
indicates that the commit is present in the second build (the "To" text
box) but not the first build (the "From" text box).
For example, for a query that reads "From 15000.0.0 to 15020.0.0",
green commits would indicate commits present in 15020.0.0 but not
15000.0.0, while pink commits indicate the reverse.
<b>Note:</b> Pre-Cusky releases are not supported by this application.
For retrieving changelogs from pre-cusky builds, please use
<a href="" target="_blank">
<h2>Find Build</h2>
This feature allows you to locate the first build containing a desired
It accepts either a CL-number or a commit-SHA as input. Using
<a href="" target="_blank">
CL 3280
as an example, an acceptable input would be either <b>3280</b> or
As an output, the page provides the build number for the first build
containing a CL. In some cases, the output may not map to a released
COS build. However, any build number that sequentially follows it is
guaranteed to contain the desired change.