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# Copyright 2004-2006 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, v2 or later
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/eclass/gdesklets.eclass,v 1.18 2009/05/13 02:11:24 nixphoeni Exp $
# Authors: Joe Sapp <>
# Mike Gardiner <>
# Usage:
# As a writer for an ebuild for gDesklets, you should set a few things:
# DESKLET_NAME: The name of the desklet.
# DOCS: Anything (like a README) that should be dodoc'd.
# S: *Optional* The package's base directory.
# Usually ${WORKDIR}/${DESKLET_NAME} if it was packaged
# correctly (hence, this is the default).
# RDEPEND: *Optional* Set if the desklet requires a minimum version
# of gDesklets greater than 0.34 or other packages.
inherit eutils multilib python
# Ebuild writer shouldn't need to touch these (except maybe $RDEPEND)
gdesklets_src_install() {
debug-print-function $FUNCNAME $*
# Disable compilation of included python modules (Controls)
# Do not remove - see bugs 126890 and 128289
addwrite "${ROOT}/root/.gnome2"
has_version ">=gnome-extra/gdesklets-core-0.33.1" || \
# This should be done by the gdesklets-core ebuild
# It makes the Displays or Controls directory in the
# global installation directory if it doesn't exist
[[ -d "${GDESKLETS_INST_DIR}/Displays" ]] || \
dodir "${GDESKLETS_INST_DIR}/Displays"
# The displays only need to be readable
insopts -m0744
# Check to see if DISPLAY is set for the
# gdesklets-control-getid script to run without
# error
[ -z "${DISPLAY}" ] && DISPLAY=""
export DISPLAY
debug-print-section sensor_install
# First, install the Sensor (if there is one)
if [[ -n "${SENSOR_NAME}" ]]; then
for SENS in ${SENSOR_NAME[@]}; do
einfo "Installing Sensor ${SENS}"
/usr/bin/python "Install_${SENS}_Sensor.bin" \
--nomsg "${D}${GDESKLETS_INST_DIR}/Sensors" || \
die "Couldn't Install Sensor"
chown -R root:0 "${D}${GDESKLETS_INST_DIR}/Sensors/${SENSOR_NAME}"
done # for in ${SENSOR_NAME}
fi # if -n "${SENSOR_NAME}"
debug-print-section display_install
# This finds the Displays
DISPLAY_FILES=(`find . -iname "*.display"`)
# There is most likely only one display per package
if [[ -n "${DISPLAY_FILES[@]}" ]]; then
# Base installation directory for displays from this desklet
# This creates the subdirectory of ${DESKLET_NAME}
# in the global Displays directory
[[ -d "${DESKLET_INSDIR}" ]] || \
# For each of the Display files, there may be
# scripts included inline which don't necessarily
# follow any naming scheme.
# So for each of them, determine what those scripts are
# and install them.
for DSP in ${DISPLAY_FILES[@]}; do
cd `dirname ${DSP}`
einfo "Installing Display `basename ${DSP} .display`"
debug-print "Installing ${DSP} into ${DESKLET_INSDIR}"
DSP=`basename ${DSP}`
insinto "${DESKLET_INSDIR}"
doins "${DSP}"
SCRIPTS=$(grep "script .*uri" ${DSP} | \
sed -e "s:.*<script\b.*\buri=[\"']: :g" -e "s:[\"'].*/>.*: :g")
# For each one of the scripts, change to its
# base directory and change the install location
# so it gets installed at the proper place
# relative to the display.
for SCR in ${SCRIPTS[@]}; do
insinto "${DESKLET_INSDIR}/`dirname ${SCR}`"
doins "${SCR}"
debug-print "Installed ${SCR} into ${DESKLET_INSDIR}/`dirname ${SCR}`"
done # for in ${SCRIPTS}
# Install the graphics for this display.
# If there are multiple displays in this
# directory, this will be done more than
# once. It's the only solution I can
# come up with for now...
GFX=(`find . \
-iname "*.png" -o -iname "*.svg" \
-o -iname "*.jpg" -o -iname "*.gif" \
-o -iname "*.xcf"`)
for G in ${GFX[@]}; do
insinto "${DESKLET_INSDIR}/`dirname ${G}`"
doins "${G}"
debug-print "Installed ${G} into ${DESKLET_INSDIR}/`dirname ${G}`"
done # for in ${GFX}
cd "${S}"
done # for in ${DISPLAY_FILES}
debug-print-section control_install
# Make sure that it only finds Controls and not Sensors
# If it uses a Sensor, it shouldn't use a Control (since
# Sensors are deprecated).
if [[ -z "${SENSOR_NAME}" ]]; then
# Base installation directory for Controls
CONTROL_INITS=$(find . -iname "")
# There are possibly multiple Controls packaged with the display.
# For each found, there must be a Control associated with it.
for CTRL in ${CONTROL_INITS[@]}; do
cd `dirname ${CTRL}`
CTRL_NAME=$( "${GDESKLETS_INST_DIR}/gdesklets-control-getid" `pwd` )
einfo "Installing Control ${CTRL_NAME}"
# This creates the subdirectory of ${CTRL_NAME}
# in the global Controls directory
[[ -d "${CONTROL_INSDIR}/${CTRL_NAME}" ]] || \
doins -r *.py
cd "${S}"
done # for in ${CONTROL_INITS}
fi # if no Sensors
# Install any remaining graphics and other files
# that are sitting in ${S}.
GFX=$(find . -maxdepth 1 \
-iname "*.png" -o -iname "*.svg" \
-o -iname "*.jpg" -o -iname "*.gif" \
-o -iname "*.xcf")
if [[ -n "${GFX}" ]]; then
# Install to the Displays directory of the Desklet
insinto "${GDESKLETS_INST_DIR}/Displays/${DESKLET_NAME}"
doins "${GFX}"
debug-print "Installed ${GFX} into ${GDESKLETS_INST_DIR}/Displays/${DESKLET_NAME}"
fi # if -n "${GFX}"
# Install some docs if so requested
[[ -n "${DOCS}" ]] && dodoc ${DOCS} && \
debug-print "Installed ${DOCS}"