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# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/eclass/savedconfig.eclass,v 1.20 2012/01/04 08:23:51 vapier Exp $
# @ECLASS: savedconfig.eclass
# @BLURB: common API for saving/restoring complex configuration files
# It is not uncommon to come across a package which has a very fine
# grained level of configuration options that go way beyond what
# USE flags can properly describe. For this purpose, a common API
# of saving and restoring the configuration files was developed
# so users can modify these config files and the ebuild will take it
# into account as needed.
inherit portability
# @FUNCTION: save_config
# @USAGE: <config files to save>
# Use this function to save the package's configuration file into the
# right location. You may specify any number of configuration files,
# but just make sure you call save_config with all of them at the same
# time in order for things to work properly.
save_config() {
if [[ ${EBUILD_PHASE} != "install" ]]; then
die "Bad package! save_config only for use in src_install functions!"
[[ $# -eq 0 ]] && die "Usage: save_config <files>"
# Be lazy in our EAPI compat
: ${ED:=${D}}
local dest="/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CATEGORY}"
if [[ $# -eq 1 && -f $1 ]] ; then
# Just one file, so have the ${PF} be that config file
dodir "${dest}"
cp "$@" "${ED}/${dest}/${PF}" || die "failed to save $*"
# A dir, or multiple files, so have the ${PF} be a dir
# with all the saved stuff below it
dodir "${dest}/${PF}"
treecopy "$@" "${ED}/${dest}/${PF}" || die "failed to save $*"
elog "Your configuration for ${CATEGORY}/${PF} has been saved in "
elog "/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CATEGORY}/${PF} for your editing pleasure."
elog "You can edit these files by hand and remerge this package with"
elog "USE=savedconfig to customise the configuration."
elog "You can rename this file/directory to one of the following for"
elog "its configuration to apply to multiple versions:"
elog '${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/'
elog '[${CTARGET}|${CHOST}|""]/${CATEGORY}/[${PF}|${P}|${PN}]'
# @FUNCTION: restore_config
# @USAGE: <config files to restore>
# Restores the configuation saved ebuild previously potentially with user edits.
# You can restore a single file or a whole bunch, just make sure you call
# restore_config with all of the files to restore at the same time.
# Config files can be laid out as:
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CTARGET}/${CATEGORY}/${PF}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CHOST}/${CATEGORY}/${PF}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CATEGORY}/${PF}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CTARGET}/${CATEGORY}/${P}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CHOST}/${CATEGORY}/${P}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CATEGORY}/${P}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CTARGET}/${CATEGORY}/${PN}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CHOST}/${CATEGORY}/${PN}
# ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CATEGORY}/${PN}
restore_config() {
case ${EBUILD_PHASE} in
unpack|compile|configure|prepare) ;;
*) die "Bad package! restore_config only for use in src_{unpack,compile,configure,prepare} functions!" ;;
use savedconfig || return
local found check configfile
local base=${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig
for check in {${CATEGORY}/${PF},${CATEGORY}/${P},${CATEGORY}/${PN}}; do
[[ -r ${configfile} ]] || configfile=${base}/${CHOST}/${check}
[[ -r ${configfile} ]] || configfile=${base}/${check}
einfo "Checking existence of ${configfile} ..."
if [[ -r "${configfile}" ]]; then
einfo "found ${configfile}"
if [[ -f ${found} ]]; then
elog "Building using saved configfile ${found}"
if [ $# -gt 0 ]; then
cp -pPR "${found}" "$1" || die "Failed to restore ${found} to $1"
die "need to know the restoration filename"
elif [[ -d ${found} ]]; then
elog "Building using saved config directory ${found}"
local dest=${PWD}
pushd "${found}" > /dev/null
treecopy . "${dest}" || die "Failed to restore ${found} to $1"
popd > /dev/null
# maybe the user is screwing around with perms they shouldnt #289168
if [[ ! -r ${base} ]] ; then
eerror "Unable to read ${base} -- please check its permissions."
die "Reading config files failed"
ewarn "No saved config to restore - please remove USE=savedconfig or"
ewarn "provide a configuration file in ${PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CATEGORY}/${PN}"
ewarn "Your config file(s) will not be used this time"
savedconfig_pkg_postinst() {
# If the user has USE=savedconfig, then chances are they
# are modifying these files, so keep them around. #396169
# This might lead to cruft build up, but the alternatives
# are worse :/.
if use savedconfig ; then
# Be lazy in our EAPI compat
: ${EROOT:=${ROOT}}
find "${EROOT}/etc/portage/savedconfig/${CATEGORY}/${PF}" \
-exec touch {} + 2>/dev/null