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<maintainer type="project">
<name>Gentoo Science Project</name>
<longdescription lang="en">
The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a collection of routines for
numerical analysis. The routines are written from scratch by the GSL
team in C, and present a modern API for C programmers, while allowing
wrappers to be written for very high level languages.
GSL includes data types and routines for complex numbers, vectors,
matrices, basic linear algebra subroutines (BLAS), eigensystems,
simulated annealing, minimization, root finding, pseudo-random
numbers, least-squares fitting, fast Fourier transforms (FFT),
differential equations, quadrature, Monte Carlo integration, special
functions, physical constants, and much more.
<flag name="cblas-external">Link gsl with external cblas provided by
(<pkg>virtual/cblas</pkg>) instead of shipped internal version</flag>
<flag name="deprecated">Enable deprecated functions</flag>