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;;; (c) 1993-2005 by HIROSE Yuuji
;;; This program is distributed as a free software. The author is
;;; not responsible for any possible defects caused by this
;;; software.
;;; Comments and bug reports are welcome. Don't hesitated to
;;; report. My possible e-mail address is following.
The author has clarified his definition of free software by providing this
;; * Can I incorporate this program into Debian package?
;; Yes.
;; This "Yes" is NOT a special answer only for Debian.
;; My recognition on `free software' is not the permanently
;; constant notion. Therefore I won't define the fixed license
;; sentences at any moment of my life. All I can say now is I hope
;; the free software be; freely usable, freely (re-)distributable
;; without any charge for itself, freely modifiable unless the
;; original author(=me)'s copyrights are infringed or neglected,
;; absolutely not responsible to any result from itself. If there
;; is A license clauses which implies these points above in some
;; era, this software can be classified into the group that the
;; clauses want to assume as `free'.