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This overlay contains curated unmodified(*) Gentoo packages that are part of
the Chromium OS build and are exact copies of upstream Gentoo packages.
For information on updating ebuilds here, see:
Note: While there are tools to help automate importing of updates, the overall
process is not fully automatic: a developer must initiate the process as well
as run all the proper tests themselves (trybots/etc...).
Licensing information can be found in the respective files, so consult them
directly, or refer to the upstream Gentoo copy:
The spirit of this repo is that any package may be blindly blown away when
upgrading to a newer version. So we sometimes allow minor changes to be
merged as long as that spirit is maintained.
We also munge the ebuild to set KEYWORDS="*" when importing. The upstream
values have no bearing on our usage or porting efforts.