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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Since we execute bzip2 outside of the chroot, we need to statically
# link this to avoid library mismatch errors.
app-arch/bzip2 static-libs
app-arch/lbzip2 static
app-arch/pbzip2 static
# Same for pigz.
app-arch/pigz static
sys-libs/zlib static-libs
# Drop this once we audit code to make sure we aren't using `echo -n` or `echo -e`.
app-shells/dash vanilla
net-misc/openssh kerberos hpn
sys-apps/flashrom dediprog ft2232_spi serprog
dev-lang/python gdbm
sys-apps/smartmontools -daemon
sys-fs/lvm2 -udev
# Use pcre2 rather than pcre as everything else has moved.
sys-libs/libselinux pcre2
# qemu is statically linked with glib when compiled for the host and thus
# requires glib (and transitively, libpcre) to be compiled with static-libs.
# See for details.
dev-libs/glib static-libs
dev-libs/libpcre static-libs
net-libs/nghttp2 static-libs
net-libs/libslirp static-libs
sys-apps/attr static-libs
# mksquashfs used in build_image requires lzo support.
# Also include lz4 and lzma compressors, for flexibility.
# For SELinux context labeling it also needs selinux.
sys-fs/squashfs-tools lzo lz4 lzma selinux
# some prebuilt binaries created on Ubuntu like to link against libtinfo.
sys-libs/ncurses tinfo
# We don't need this, so don't bother enabling.
dev-libs/libxslt -python
# icedtea-bin still has some linking issues when built without USE=cups. See
# and
dev-java/icedtea-bin cups -gtk headless-awt -multilib -webstart
# We don't want cups-filters to pull in ghostscript.
net-print/cups-filters -postscript
# We don't use python features in cups.
net-print/cups -python
# We don't need as we have the compiled lsusb program.
sys-apps/usbutils -python
# We don't use any of the python files this package installs.
dev-util/boost-build -python
# USE=doc is needed for basic `perf --help` output.
# USE=coresight enables Arm's CoreSight trace decoding.
dev-util/perf audit coresight doc -python tui -unwind
# Disable Segger J-Link for building openocd-0.10.0. We currently
# don't use J-Link. It requires upgrading libjaylink, which is not yet
# supported by official Gentoo portage repository.
dev-embedded/openocd -jlink
# Provide 32-lib libc++ libraries.
sys-libs/libcxxabi abi_x86_32
sys-libs/libcxx abi_x86_32
sys-libs/llvm-libunwind abi_x86_32
# vaapi is not used through ffmpeg on ChromiumOS, avoid dependency for sdk
media-video/ffmpeg -vaapi
# Enable XML in GDB
sys-devel/gdb xml
cross-aarch64-cros-linux-gnu/gdb xml
cross-arm-none-eabi/gdb xml
cross-armv6j-cros-linux-gnueabi/gdb xml
cross-armv7a-cros-linux-gnueabi/gdb xml
cross-armv7a-cros-linux-gnueabihf/gdb xml
cross-i686-pc-linux-gnu/gdb xml
cross-mipsel-cros-linux-gnu/gdb xml
cross-x86_64-cros-linux-gnu/gdb xml
# Build qemu's userland helpers statically so we can copy them into sysroots
# and run unittests standalone. Build qemu's softmmu helpers statically so
# we can run vms outside of the chroot.
app-emulation/qemu -ncurses -pin-upstream-blobs -seccomp static-user usb virtfs
dev-libs/glib static-libs
dev-libs/libaio static-libs
dev-libs/libpcre static-libs
dev-libs/libusb static-libs
dev-libs/libxml2 static-libs
dev-libs/openssl static-libs
media-libs/jpeg static-libs
media-libs/libjpeg-turbo static-libs
media-libs/libpng static-libs
net-libs/libslirp static-libs
net-misc/curl static-libs
sys-apps/attr static-libs
sys-apps/dtc static-libs
sys-libs/libcap static-libs
sys-libs/libcap-ng static-libs
sys-libs/ncurses static-libs unicode
virtual/jpeg static-libs
virtual/libusb static-libs
x11-libs/libxkbcommon static-libs
x11-libs/pixman static-libs
# Enable building shellcheck statically so we can make it available to tricium
# and developer workstations.
dev-libs/gmp static-libs
dev-libs/libffi static-libs
# MariaDB connector must run in MySQL compatible mode in the SDK for autotest
dev-db/mariadb-connector-c mysqlcompat
dev-lang/ruby -rdoc
# Required packages for Android ITS. See 2.2.1. Software installation from
# for
# details.
dev-python/pillow jpeg
media-libs/opencv -openmp png jpeg
# LibYAML offers significant speedup for cros_config_host.
dev-python/pyyaml libyaml
# We don't need Python in these packages, so save some space.
dev-libs/boost -python
# Disable crypt for vim to avoid pulling libsodium into the build. libsodium
# isn't in our tree and it shouldn't be necessary.
app-editors/vim -crypt
# Freeze Python 2.7 versions for all existing packages. We'll slowly trim this
# list down as packages don't need them. New packages should *not* be added
# here as new code should be using Python 3.
# TODO( Trim this entirely!
chromeos-base/chromite-sdk python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/btsocket python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/certifi python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/cffi python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/chardet python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/cheroot python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/cherrypy python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/contextlib2 python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/cryptography python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/cycler python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/cython python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/dbus-python python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/django python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/dpkt python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/grpcio python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/grpcio-tools python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/idna python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/imaging python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/jaraco-functools python_targets_python2_7
# TODO(b/146155010): Used by assistant.
dev-python/jinja python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/kiwisolver python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/linecache2 python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/logbook python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/lxml python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/markupsafe python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/mock python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/more-itertools python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/mysqlclient python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/namespace-google python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/namespace-jaraco python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/numpy python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pbr python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pexpect python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/ply python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/portend python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/protobuf-python python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/psutil python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/ptyprocess python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/py python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pycparser python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pygobject python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pyopenssl python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pyparsing python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pyshark python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/PySocks python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/python-dateutil python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pytz python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pyudev python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pyusb python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pyxattr python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/pyyaml python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/redis-py python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/requests python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/selenium python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/setuptools python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/setuptools_scm python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/six python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/tempora python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/traceback2 python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/trollius python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/unittest2 python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/urllib3 python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/versioneer python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/zc-lockfile python_targets_python2_7
# Needed by attrs which is needed by pytest.
dev-python/zope-interface python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/namespace-zope python_targets_python2_7
# These packages only support Python 2.7. They aren't needed in Python 3.6+.
# TODO( Trim this entirely!
dev-python/backports-functools-lru-cache python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
dev-python/enum34 python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
dev-python/funcsigs python_targets_python2_7
dev-python/functools32 python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
dev-python/futures python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
dev-python/ipaddress python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
dev-python/mox python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
dev-python/pathlib python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
dev-python/subprocess32 python_targets_python2_7 -python_targets_python3_6
virtual/python-enum34 python_targets_python2_7
virtual/python-funcsigs python_targets_python2_7
virtual/python-futures python_targets_python2_7
# Disable oniguruma from jq since its not needed.
app-misc/jq -oniguruma