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# Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# Brian Stell <> (27 August 2010)
# For Chromium OS enable FreeType sub-pixel anti-aliasing and bytecode
# interpreter
media-libs/freetype bindist
# Jungshik Shin < (31 August 2010)
# We don't want to generate fonts.scale when installing fonts with font.eclass
# ( )
media-fonts/croscorefonts X
media-fonts/crosextrafonts X
media-fonts/crosextrafonts-carlito X
media-fonts/lohitfonts-cros X
media-fonts/droidfonts-cros X
media-fonts/ja-ipafonts X
media-fonts/ko-nanumfonts X
media-fonts/ml-anjalioldlipi X
media-fonts/notofonts X
media-fonts/noto-cjk X
media-fonts/my-padauk X
media-fonts/dejavu X
media-fonts/sil-abyssinica X
media-fonts/tlbt-jomohari X
media-fonts/robotofonts X
# Allow hardened glibc on the target.
sys-libs/glibc -hardened
# Disable asan for these two packages.
chromeos-base/libevdev asan
chromeos-base/gestures asan
# Disable asan on minijail (
chromeos-base/minijail asan
# Disable ubsan on minijail (
chromeos-base/minijail ubsan
# These packages build a static binary (
chromeos-base/security_tests asan
# Don't require python to depend on bluez.
dev-lang/python bluetooth
sci-geosciences/gpsd bluetooth
# These packages are required as test dependencies, but we don't want to
# automatically run their tests even when built with the 'test' flag.
# TODO(cjmcdonald): Remove these once we have EAPI 7 available and can mark
# them as build-only dependencies with BDEPEND.
app-arch/gzip test
dev-python/pytest test
sys-process/psmisc test
sys-apps/diffutils test
# dev-python/py has a test dependency on a later version of pytest than we
# provide. Upgrading pytest adds a dependency on dev-python/hypothesis, which
# requires dev-lang/python to be built with SQLite, which is USE masked on all
# boards.
dev-python/py test
# We don't use cxx library bindings for libgpiod.
dev-libs/libgpiod cxx
# We build perf without clang/LLVM support.
dev-util/perf clang