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This patch replaces a shell used by cups-filters with a dedicated
mini-shell called foomatic-shell. One of the cups-filters tools,
foomatic-rip, uses this shell to execute scripts included in some PPD
files. We want to use foomatic-shell instead of standard shell to limit
set of commands that can be executed from provided PPD file. The goal is
to prevent execution of unauthorized tools. foomatic-shell was
implemented in CL:2271389. Chromium bug: 1073063.
Author: Piotr Pawliczek
diff --git a/filter/foomatic-rip/foomaticrip.c b/filter/foomatic-rip/foomaticrip.c
index f53d0eb..3f60b49 100644
--- a/filter/foomatic-rip/foomaticrip.c
+++ b/filter/foomatic-rip/foomaticrip.c
@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ char cupsfilterpath[PATH_MAX] = "/usr/local/lib/cups/filter:"
-char modern_shell[] = SHELL;
+char modern_shell[] = "/usr/bin/foomatic_shell";
void config_set_option(const char *key, const char *value)