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# The USE flags specified in this file are applied to packages
# for all linux targets. In ChromeOS, that means they are applied
# to the host packages in the chroot, as well as packages built for a
# target board.
app-admin/webapp-config -portage
app-arch/tar minimal
app-crypt/mit-krb5 -keyutils
dev-db/sqlite extensions
dev-embedded/libftdi -cxx tools
dev-lang/python sqlite
# We want to re-enable this, but we'll have to update hard-host-depends to
# stop pulling in app-crypt/nss and add an upgrade hook to uninstall that
# from the sdk.
#dev-libs/nss utils
dev-libs/dbus-glib tools
dev-libs/gmp -cxx
dev-libs/libevent -ssl -threads
dev-perl/GD png
dev-python/pyudev pygobject
# This requires deps we haven't imported (zeromq) and doesn't seem worth the
# effort at this time.
dev-python/ipython -smp
dev-vcs/git bash-completion curl cvs -gpg subversion webdav
dev-vcs/subversion -dso webdav-serf
games-emulation/zsnes ao -debug
media-libs/libao alsa
media-libs/freeimage -cxx
media-libs/gd png
media-libs/libmtp -crypt
# We don't want any driver/hw rendering on the host
media-libs/mesa -llvm -gallium -classic
media-sound/alsa-utils -libsamplerate minimal
net-misc/curl ares
net-misc/socat -ssl
net-wireless/bluez -consolekit
sci-geosciences/gpsd -cxx
# verity and other packages link statically with libuuid.
sys-apps/util-linux -perl static-libs
sys-boot/grub grub_platforms_pc grub_platforms_efi-64 grub_platforms_coreboot static
sys-devel/gettext -git
# Remove dependency on libmix which is deprecated and unsupported.
net-analyzer/netcat -crypt
net-dns/avahi dbus
net-misc/dhcpcd -crash
cross-armv7a-cros-linux-gnueabi/gcc hardfp
cross-armv7a-cros-linux-gnueabihf/gcc hardfp
cross-armv6j-cros-linux-gnueabi/gcc hardfp -thumb
sys-devel/clang multitarget
sys-devel/llvm multitarget
sys-apps/pciutils -udev
# xz-utils includes liblzma, which is picked by bmpblk_utility (vboot_reference)
# and may be executed outside chroot.
app-arch/xz-utils static-libs
sys-apps/util-linux -suid
# We don't have any font with graphite table. Drop graphite from harfbuzz.
# We don't need instrospection either.
media-libs/harfbuzz -graphite -introspection
dev-java/icedtea-bin -alsa -cups -X
# Need png for color font support. bzip2 is not used. It's only for X11 *pcf.bz2
# that we don't have.
media-libs/freetype png -bzip2
dev-embedded/openocd ftdi
# Resolve circular dependency between libcap and pam.
# (see #8)
sys-libs/libcap -pam
# Disable obsolete/unused protocols.
dev-libs/openssl -sslv2 -sslv3 -tls-heartbeat
# Build selected kernels with AutoFDO
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-4_19 kernel_afdo
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-4_14 kernel_afdo
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-4_4 kernel_afdo
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-3_18 kernel_afdo
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-3_14 kernel_afdo
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-3_8 kernel_afdo
# start using coreboot-sdk across firmware packages
sys-boot/coreboot coreboot-sdk
sys-boot/libpayload coreboot-sdk
sys-boot/depthcharge coreboot-sdk
sys-boot/chromeos-seabios coreboot-sdk
chromeos-base/chromeos-ec coreboot-sdk
# clang doesn't recognize gcc pragmas, so libgcrypt needs to turn off -O flags.
dev-libs/libgcrypt o-flag-munging