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Vendor Agreement with the LVFS
By uploading a firmware file you must agree that:
You give the Linux Vendor Firmware System permission to redistribute
the files uploaded to the service, both by mirroring the content
internally to the current (and future) cloud providers and directly to
unauthenticated end users.
You have full permission and authority to upload the files to the LVFS
and are legally permitted to distribute the firmware in this way.
You understand the files that in the testing and stable channels are
going to be downloaded and installed by users, possibly automatically
and without user interaction.
You understand that users with the vendor-specific embargo token will
also have access to the firmware in the embargoed state.
You understand that the uploaded firmware archive will be unpacked,
the firmware binary will be signed by the LVFS GPG key and the cabinet
will be packed with only the files listed in the MetaInfo file.
You understand that functionality provided the LVFS may go away at any
time and without any notice, and that we provide no kind of uptime
guarantee for any part of the service.
You agree that the files uploaded have been tested on all applicable
hardware to the best of your ability, and no user interaction is
required before or after the update has completed.
You understand that people running this service cannot be held
accountable in any way if the firmware damages the end-users machine.
You will not allow users to share access the LVFS without permission
and that the user account(s) will use strong passwords.
You agree that all firmware uploaded will not be malicious e.g. be a
virus or to exploit or examine security issues.
You agree we will notify the LVFS administrators if the LVFS vendor
account is no longer required.
This text is referred to as Agreement Version 1’, and was modified on
Any changes to this agreement will force all user to re-agree to the
new text when uploading new firmware files. Any planned changes will
be discussed on the mailing list.