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# This profile is used to build Linux kernels with GCC/GNU binutils based
# toolchain instead of LLVM based toolchain.
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-3_18 buildtest frozen_gcc -clang -lld -llvm_ias
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-4_4 buildtest frozen_gcc -clang -lld -llvm_ias
# We can build chromeos-4.14 with clang, but not with lld.
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-4_14 buildtest -lld -kernel_afdo -llvm_ias
# For chromeos-4.19 and later we can build with clang and lld.
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-4_19 buildtest -llvm_ias
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-5_4 buildtest
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-5_10 buildtest
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-experimental buildtest
sys-kernel/chromeos-kernel-next buildtest