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DEFINED_PHASES=compile configure install postinst preinst prepare prerm setup test unpack
DEPEND=>=dev-rust/hashbrown-0.9.1:= <dev-rust/hashbrown-0.10.0 =dev-rust/rayon-1*:= =dev-rust/serde-1*:= =dev-rust/autocfg-1*:= >=virtual/rust-1.39.0:=
DESCRIPTION=A hash table with consistent order and fast iteration. The indexmap is a hash table where the iteration order of the key-value pairs is independent of the hash values of the keys. It has the usual hash table functionality, it preserves insertion order except after removals, and it allows lookup of its elements by either hash table key or numerical index. A corresponding hash set type is also provided. This crate was initially published under the name ordermap, but it was renamed to indexmap.
IUSE=cros-debug asan coverage fuzzer msan tsan ubsan amd64 asan cros_host fuzzer lsan +lto msan sccache test tsan ubsan x86
LICENSE=|| ( Apache-2.0 MIT )
RDEPEND=>=dev-rust/hashbrown-0.9.1:= <dev-rust/hashbrown-0.10.0 =dev-rust/rayon-1*:= =dev-rust/serde-1*:= =dev-rust/autocfg-1*:=
REQUIRED_USE=?? ( asan lsan msan tsan )
SRC_URI= -> indexmap-1.6.2.crate
_eclasses_=cros-constants bf71cd1168b6441b64a8cdbc06c36eda cros-debug d2750757005d6a444f8eb12bb9eb9944 cros-rust 4ea5b08ffae6d27d86cc6d34d71f3446 cros-sanitizers fcc8f96c24bfce0853f07c00f65fb50a eutils fcb2aa98e1948b835b5ae66ca52868c5 flag-o-matic 5d5921a298e95441da2f85be419894c0 multilib 2477ebe553d3e4d2c606191fe6c33602 multiprocessing c3cf317581e5bd068a4b851f03dd8cba toolchain-funcs 2237e0dad80252483b9faa240a43ce2a