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#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Does presubmit checks for Rust-like changes.
This is intended to be used by `repo`. For more information, please see
Enforces the following rules:
- If dev-lang/rust's ${PVR} moves, virtual/rust's must, as well.
- If dev-lang/rust-host's ${PVR} moves, virtual/rust's must, as well.
- dev-lang/rust-host, dev-lang/rust, and virtual/rust must remain in ${PV}
import os
import re
import subprocess
import sys
from typing import Dict, List, NamedTuple, Set
_DEV_LANG_RUST = 'dev-lang/rust/'
_DEV_LANG_RUST_HOST = 'dev-lang/rust-host/'
_VIRTUAL_RUST = 'virtual/rust/'
# Contains lists of all ebuild names in dev-lang/rust, dev-lang/rust-host, and
# virtual/rust.
_RustEbuilds = NamedTuple(
('rust', List[str]),
('rust_host', List[str]),
('virtual', List[str]),
_Complaint = str
def _collect_rust_ebuilds(commit: str) -> _RustEbuilds:
"""Builds a _RustEbuilds object to represent the given commit."""
ebuild_listings = {}
for subdir in _ALL_RUST_DIRS:
output = subprocess.check_output(
['git', 'ls-tree', '--name-only', '-z', commit, subdir],
files = output.split('\0')
ebuild_files = sorted(
os.path.basename(x) for x in files if x.endswith('.ebuild'))
assert ebuild_files, f'No ebuilds found in {subdir}'
ebuild_listings[subdir] = ebuild_files
return _RustEbuilds(
def _ensure_virtual_is_bumped_if_pvrs_change(
previous: _RustEbuilds, current: _RustEbuilds) -> List[_Complaint]:
"""Ensures that the ${PV} of all packages are synced."""
# In theory, this could be more precise and check what kinds of changes are
# made. That said, it should be 'good enough' to simply look for any
# filename change as a sign that another filename change must take place.
need_virtual_bump = (previous.rust != current.rust
or previous.rust_host != current.rust_host)
if need_virtual_bump and previous.virtual == current.virtual:
return [
"Detected Rust ebuild changes, but there's no virtual/rust update."
return []
def _ensure_pvs_synced(current_ebuilds: _RustEbuilds) -> List[_Complaint]:
"""Ensures that the ${PV} of all packages are synced."""
pv_regex = re.compile(
^rust-(?:host-)? # Package name
(\d\.\d+\.\d+) # (Captured) package version
(?:_(?:alpha|beta|pre|rc|p)\d*)* # Version suffix
(?:-r\d+)? # Optional revision
present_pvs: Dict[str, Set[str]] = {}
for field in _RustEbuilds._fields:
ebuilds = getattr(current_ebuilds, field)
pvs = set()
for ebuild in ebuilds:
pv = pv_regex.match(ebuild)
assert pv, f'No $PV regex match against {ebuild}'
present_pvs[field] = pvs
all_pvs = set(x for pvs in present_pvs.values() for x in pvs)
if all(pvs == all_pvs for pvs in present_pvs.values()):
return []
return [
'For every Rusty $PV, there should be a package with that version in '
'all of dev-lang/rust, dev-lang/rust-host, and virtual/rust. Detected '
f'$PVs: {present_pvs}'
def _is_ebuild_file_in_rust_dir(file_path: str) -> bool:
"""Returns whether the param is an ebuild in a rust dir we should check."""
return file_path.endswith('.ebuild') and any(
file_path.startswith(x) for x in _ALL_RUST_DIRS)
def main():
"""Main function."""
presubmit_files = os.environ.get('PRESUBMIT_FILES')
if presubmit_files is None:
sys.exit('Need a value for PRESUBMIT_FILES')
presubmit_files = [x.strip() for x in presubmit_files.splitlines()]
if not any(_is_ebuild_file_in_rust_dir(x) for x in presubmit_files):
presubmit_commit = os.environ.get('PRESUBMIT_COMMIT')
if presubmit_commit is None:
sys.exit('Need a value for PRESUBMIT_COMMIT')
previous_ebuilds = _collect_rust_ebuilds(presubmit_commit + '~')
current_ebuilds = _collect_rust_ebuilds(presubmit_commit)
complaints = _ensure_virtual_is_bumped_if_pvrs_change(
complaints += _ensure_pvs_synced(current_ebuilds)
if not complaints:
for complaint in complaints:
print(complaint, file=sys.stderr)
if __name__ == '__main__':