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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
inherit cros-constants
DESCRIPTION="Chrome OS Fonts (meta package)"
IUSE="cros_host internal"
# List of font packages used in Chromium OS. This list is separate
# so that it can be shared between the host in
# chromeos-base/hard-host-depends and the target in
# chromeos-base/chromeos.
# The glibc requirement is a bit funky. For target boards, we make sure it is
# installed before any other package (by way of setup_board), but for the sdk
# board, we don't have that toolchain-specific tweak. So we end up installing
# these in parallel and the chroot logic for font generation fails. We can
# drop this when we stop executing the helper in the $ROOT via `chroot` and/or
# `qemu` (e.g. when we do `ROOT=/build/amd64-host/ emerge chromeos-fonts`).
# The gcc-libs requirement is a similar situation. Ultimately this comes down
# to fixing
internal? (
!cros_host? ( sys-libs/gcc-libs:= )
cros_host? ( sys-libs/glibc:= )
# The following code uses sudo to generate the font-cache. It is almost
# always not a good idea to use sudo in your ebuild. This ebuild is an
# exception for the following reasons:
# - fc-cache was designed with the generic linux distribution use case
# in mind where package maintainers have no idea what fonts are actually
# installed on the system. As a result fc-cache operates directly on
# the target file system and needs permission to modify its cache
# directory (/usr/share/cache/fontconfig).
# - /usr/share/cache/fontconfig normally is owned by root, but for various
# reasons, we bind mount our own work directory on top of it. The bind
# mounting requires root privileges.
# - When cross-compiling, the generated font caches need to be compatible
# with the architecture on which they will be used. To properly do
# this, we need to run the architecture appropriate copy of fc-cache,
# which may link against other arch-specific libraries, which means
# we need to chroot it in the board sysroot and chrooting requires
# root permissions.
# By themselves the above reasons are not sufficient to justify using sudo in
# the ebuild. What makes this OK is that fc-cache takes a really long time
# when run under qemu for ARM (4 - 7 minutes), which is a very large percentage
# of the overall time spent in build_image. It doesn't make sense to force each
# developer to spend a bunch of time generating the exact same font cache on
# their machine every time they want to build an image. And even then, we can
# only do this because chromeos-fonts is a specialized ebuild for Chrome OS
# only.
# All of which is to say: don't use sudo in your ebuild. You have been
# warned. -- chirantan
generate_font_cache() {
mkdir -p "${WORKDIR}/out" || die
# Run fc-cache in a mount namespace, to handle isolation and graceful
# cleanup.
# platform2_test: helpful because it's a pain to open-code QEMU usage
# (needed for ARCHes that don't match the build system).
# minijail0: helpful because platform2_test does not provide custom
# bind-mounting facilities.
# -v: mount namespace
# -K: don't change root mount propagation (not possible in a chroot,
# where chroot isn't a mount)
# -k ... 0x5000: MS_BIND|MS_PRIVATE
local jail_args=(
-k "${WORKDIR}/out,${SYSROOT}/usr/share/cache/fontconfig,none,0x5000"
if [[ "${ARCH}" == "amd64" ]]; then
# Special-case for amd64: the target ISA may not match our
# build host (so we can't run natively;
#, and we may not have QEMU support
# for the full ISA either. Just run the SDK binary instead.
sudo minijail0 "${jail_args[@]}" \
/usr/bin/fc-cache -f -v --sysroot "${SYSROOT:-/}" || die
sudo minijail0 "${jail_args[@]}" \
"${CHROOT_SOURCE_ROOT}"/src/platform2/common-mk/ \
--sysroot "${SYSROOT}" -- /usr/bin/fc-cache -f -v || die
# TODO(cjmcdonald): crbug/913317 These .uuid files need to exist when fc-cache
# is run otherwise fontconfig tries to write them to the font
# directories and generates portage sandbox violations.
# Additionally, the .uuid files need to be installed as part
# of this package so that they exist when this package is
# installed as a binpkg. Remove this section once fontconfig
# no longer uses these .uuid files.
pkg_setup() {
local fontdir fontdirs=( $(cd "${SYSROOT}"/usr/share/fonts; echo */) )
for fontdir in "${fontdirs[@]}"; do
uuidgen --sha1 -n @dns -N "$(usev cros_host)${fontdir}" > \
src_compile() {
src_install() {
insinto /usr/share/cache/fontconfig
doins "${WORKDIR}"/out/*
local fontdir fontdirs=( $(cd "${SYSROOT}"/usr/share/fonts; echo */) )
for fontdir in "${fontdirs[@]}"; do
insinto "/usr/share/fonts/${fontdir}"
uuidgen --sha1 -n @dns -N "$(usev cros_host)${fontdir}" | newins - .uuid