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From: Pranav Batra <>
The hpcups ljcolor filter periodically restarts the compression algorithm
to prevent printers from running out of memory during decompression.
m_iYPos is used to restart said algorithm every 1200 encapsulate calls.
This variable should be initialized to zero so that the print output is stable.
--- a/prnt/hpcups/LJColor.cpp
+++ b/prnt/hpcups/LJColor.cpp
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
#include "ColorMaps.h"
#include "PrinterCommands.h"
-LJColor::LJColor() : Encapsulator()
+LJColor::LJColor() : Encapsulator(), m_iYPos(0)
memset(&m_PM, 0, sizeof(m_PM));
strcpy(m_szLanguage, "PCL");