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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __ACRN_HSM_DRV_H
#define __ACRN_HSM_DRV_H
#include <linux/acrn.h>
#include <linux/dev_printk.h>
#include <linux/miscdevice.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "hypercall.h"
extern struct miscdevice acrn_dev;
#define ACRN_NAME_LEN 16
struct acrn_vm;
struct acrn_ioreq_client;
* struct vm_memory_region_op - Hypervisor memory operation
* @type: Operation type (ACRN_MEM_REGION_*)
* @attr: Memory attribute (ACRN_MEM_TYPE_* | ACRN_MEM_ACCESS_*)
* @user_vm_pa: Physical address of User VM to be mapped.
* @service_vm_pa: Physical address of Service VM to be mapped.
* @size: Size of this region.
* Structure containing needed information that is provided to ACRN Hypervisor
* to manage the EPT mappings of a single memory region of the User VM. Several
* &struct vm_memory_region_op can be batched to ACRN Hypervisor, see &struct
* vm_memory_region_batch.
struct vm_memory_region_op {
u32 type;
u32 attr;
u64 user_vm_pa;
u64 service_vm_pa;
u64 size;
* struct vm_memory_region_batch - A batch of vm_memory_region_op.
* @vmid: A User VM ID.
* @reserved: Reserved.
* @regions_num: The number of vm_memory_region_op.
* @regions_gpa: Physical address of a vm_memory_region_op array.
* HC_VM_SET_MEMORY_REGIONS uses this structure to manage EPT mappings of
* multiple memory regions of a User VM. A &struct vm_memory_region_batch
* contains multiple &struct vm_memory_region_op for batch processing in the
* ACRN Hypervisor.
struct vm_memory_region_batch {
u16 vmid;
u16 reserved[3];
u32 regions_num;
u64 regions_gpa;
* struct vm_memory_mapping - Memory map between a User VM and the Service VM
* @pages: Pages in Service VM kernel.
* @npages: Number of pages.
* @service_vm_va: Virtual address in Service VM kernel.
* @user_vm_pa: Physical address in User VM.
* @size: Size of this memory region.
* HSM maintains memory mappings between a User VM GPA and the Service VM
* kernel VA for accelerating the User VM GPA translation.
struct vm_memory_mapping {
struct page **pages;
int npages;
void *service_vm_va;
u64 user_vm_pa;
size_t size;
* struct acrn_ioreq_buffer - Data for setting the ioreq buffer of User VM
* @ioreq_buf: The GPA of the IO request shared buffer of a VM
* The parameter for the HC_SET_IOREQ_BUFFER hypercall used to set up
* the shared I/O request buffer between Service VM and ACRN hypervisor.
struct acrn_ioreq_buffer {
u64 ioreq_buf;
struct acrn_ioreq_range {
struct list_head list;
u32 type;
u64 start;
u64 end;
typedef int (*ioreq_handler_t)(struct acrn_ioreq_client *client,
struct acrn_io_request *req);
* struct acrn_ioreq_client - Structure of I/O client.
* @name: Client name
* @vm: The VM that the client belongs to
* @list: List node for this acrn_ioreq_client
* @is_default: If this client is the default one
* @flags: Flags (ACRN_IOREQ_CLIENT_*)
* @range_list: I/O ranges
* @range_lock: Lock to protect range_list
* @ioreqs_map: The pending I/O requests bitmap.
* @handler: I/O requests handler of this client
* @thread: The thread which executes the handler
* @wq: The wait queue for the handler thread parking
* @priv: Data for the thread
struct acrn_ioreq_client {
char name[ACRN_NAME_LEN];
struct acrn_vm *vm;
struct list_head list;
bool is_default;
unsigned long flags;
struct list_head range_list;
rwlock_t range_lock;
ioreq_handler_t handler;
struct task_struct *thread;
wait_queue_head_t wq;
void *priv;
#define ACRN_INVALID_VMID (0xffffU)
extern struct list_head acrn_vm_list;
extern rwlock_t acrn_vm_list_lock;
* struct acrn_vm - Properties of ACRN User VM.
* @list: Entry within global list of all VMs.
* @vmid: User VM ID.
* @vcpu_num: Number of virtual CPUs in the VM.
* @flags: Flags (ACRN_VM_FLAG_*) of the VM. This is VM
* flag management in HSM which is different
* from the &acrn_vm_creation.vm_flag.
* @regions_mapping_lock: Lock to protect &acrn_vm.regions_mapping and
* &acrn_vm.regions_mapping_count.
* @regions_mapping: Memory mappings of this VM.
* @regions_mapping_count: Number of memory mapping of this VM.
* @ioreq_clients_lock: Lock to protect ioreq_clients and default_client
* @ioreq_clients: The I/O request clients list of this VM
* @default_client: The default I/O request client
* @ioreq_buf: I/O request shared buffer
* @ioreq_page: The page of the I/O request shared buffer
* @pci_conf_addr: Address of a PCI configuration access emulation
* @monitor_page: Page of interrupt statistics of User VM
* @ioeventfds_lock: Lock to protect ioeventfds list
* @ioeventfds: List to link all hsm_ioeventfd
* @ioeventfd_client: I/O client for ioeventfds of the VM
* @irqfds_lock: Lock to protect irqfds list
* @irqfds: List to link all hsm_irqfd
* @irqfd_wq: Workqueue for irqfd async shutdown
struct acrn_vm {
struct list_head list;
u16 vmid;
int vcpu_num;
unsigned long flags;
struct mutex regions_mapping_lock;
struct vm_memory_mapping regions_mapping[ACRN_MEM_MAPPING_MAX];
int regions_mapping_count;
spinlock_t ioreq_clients_lock;
struct list_head ioreq_clients;
struct acrn_ioreq_client *default_client;
struct acrn_io_request_buffer *ioreq_buf;
struct page *ioreq_page;
u32 pci_conf_addr;
struct page *monitor_page;
struct mutex ioeventfds_lock;
struct list_head ioeventfds;
struct acrn_ioreq_client *ioeventfd_client;
struct mutex irqfds_lock;
struct list_head irqfds;
struct workqueue_struct *irqfd_wq;
struct acrn_vm *acrn_vm_create(struct acrn_vm *vm,
struct acrn_vm_creation *vm_param);
int acrn_vm_destroy(struct acrn_vm *vm);
int acrn_mm_region_add(struct acrn_vm *vm, u64 user_gpa, u64 service_gpa,
u64 size, u32 mem_type, u32 mem_access_right);
int acrn_mm_region_del(struct acrn_vm *vm, u64 user_gpa, u64 size);
int acrn_vm_memseg_map(struct acrn_vm *vm, struct acrn_vm_memmap *memmap);
int acrn_vm_memseg_unmap(struct acrn_vm *vm, struct acrn_vm_memmap *memmap);
int acrn_vm_ram_map(struct acrn_vm *vm, struct acrn_vm_memmap *memmap);
void acrn_vm_all_ram_unmap(struct acrn_vm *vm);
int acrn_ioreq_init(struct acrn_vm *vm, u64 buf_vma);
void acrn_ioreq_deinit(struct acrn_vm *vm);
int acrn_ioreq_intr_setup(void);
void acrn_ioreq_intr_remove(void);
void acrn_ioreq_request_clear(struct acrn_vm *vm);
int acrn_ioreq_client_wait(struct acrn_ioreq_client *client);
int acrn_ioreq_request_default_complete(struct acrn_vm *vm, u16 vcpu);
struct acrn_ioreq_client *acrn_ioreq_client_create(struct acrn_vm *vm,
ioreq_handler_t handler,
void *data, bool is_default,
const char *name);
void acrn_ioreq_client_destroy(struct acrn_ioreq_client *client);
int acrn_ioreq_range_add(struct acrn_ioreq_client *client,
u32 type, u64 start, u64 end);
void acrn_ioreq_range_del(struct acrn_ioreq_client *client,
u32 type, u64 start, u64 end);
int acrn_msi_inject(struct acrn_vm *vm, u64 msi_addr, u64 msi_data);
int acrn_ioeventfd_init(struct acrn_vm *vm);
int acrn_ioeventfd_config(struct acrn_vm *vm, struct acrn_ioeventfd *args);
void acrn_ioeventfd_deinit(struct acrn_vm *vm);
int acrn_irqfd_init(struct acrn_vm *vm);
int acrn_irqfd_config(struct acrn_vm *vm, struct acrn_irqfd *args);
void acrn_irqfd_deinit(struct acrn_vm *vm);
#endif /* __ACRN_HSM_DRV_H */