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.. _V4L2-SDR-FMT-CS14LE:
V4L2_SDR_FMT_CS14LE ('CS14')
Complex signed 14-bit little endian IQ sample
This format contains sequence of complex number samples. Each complex
number consist two parts, called In-phase and Quadrature (IQ). Both I
and Q are represented as a 14 bit signed little endian number. I value
comes first and Q value after that. 14 bit value is stored in 16 bit
space with unused high bits padded with 0.
**Byte Order.**
Each cell is one byte.
.. flat-table::
:header-rows: 0
:stub-columns: 0
* - start + 0:
- I'\ :sub:`0[7:0]`
- I'\ :sub:`0[13:8]`
* - start + 2:
- Q'\ :sub:`0[7:0]`
- Q'\ :sub:`0[13:8]`