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What: /sys/bus/amba/devices/.../driver_override
Date: September 2014
Contact: Antonios Motakis <>
This file allows the driver for a device to be specified which
will override standard OF, ACPI, ID table, and name matching.
When specified, only a driver with a name matching the value
written to driver_override will have an opportunity to bind to
the device. The override is specified by writing a string to the
driver_override file (echo vfio-amba > driver_override) and may
be cleared with an empty string (echo > driver_override).
This returns the device to standard matching rules binding.
Writing to driver_override does not automatically unbind the
device from its current driver or make any attempt to
automatically load the specified driver. If no driver with a
matching name is currently loaded in the kernel, the device will
not bind to any driver. This also allows devices to opt-out of
driver binding using a driver_override name such as "none".
Only a single driver may be specified in the override, there is
no support for parsing delimiters.