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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# ===========================================================================
# Kernel configuration targets
# These targets are used from top-level makefile
PHONY += xconfig gconfig menuconfig config localmodconfig localyesconfig \
build_menuconfig build_nconfig build_gconfig build_xconfig
Kconfig := $(KBUILD_KCONFIG)
Kconfig := Kconfig
ifeq ($(quiet),silent_)
silent := -s
# We need this, in case the user has it in its environment
unexport CONFIG_
xconfig: $(obj)/qconf
$< $(silent) $(Kconfig)
gconfig: $(obj)/gconf
$< $(silent) $(Kconfig)
menuconfig: $(obj)/mconf
$< $(silent) $(Kconfig)
config: $(obj)/conf
$< $(silent) --oldaskconfig $(Kconfig)
nconfig: $(obj)/nconf
$< $(silent) $(Kconfig)
build_menuconfig: $(obj)/mconf
build_nconfig: $(obj)/nconf
build_gconfig: $(obj)/gconf
build_xconfig: $(obj)/qconf
localyesconfig localmodconfig: $(obj)/conf
$(Q)perl $(srctree)/$(src)/ --$@ $(srctree) $(Kconfig) > .tmp.config
$(Q)if [ -f .config ]; then \
cmp -s .tmp.config .config || \
(mv -f .config .config.old.1; \
mv -f .tmp.config .config; \
$< $(silent) --oldconfig $(Kconfig); \
mv -f .config.old.1 .config.old) \
else \
mv -f .tmp.config .config; \
$< $(silent) --oldconfig $(Kconfig); \
$(Q)rm -f .tmp.config
# These targets map 1:1 to the commandline options of 'conf'
# Note:
# syncconfig has become an internal implementation detail and is now
# deprecated for external use
simple-targets := oldconfig allnoconfig allyesconfig allmodconfig \
alldefconfig randconfig listnewconfig olddefconfig syncconfig
PHONY += $(simple-targets)
$(simple-targets): $(obj)/conf
$< $(silent) --$@ $(Kconfig)
PHONY += savedefconfig defconfig
savedefconfig: $(obj)/conf
$< $(silent) --$@=defconfig $(Kconfig)
defconfig: $(obj)/conf
ifneq ($(wildcard $(srctree)/arch/$(SRCARCH)/configs/$(KBUILD_DEFCONFIG)),)
@$(kecho) "*** Default configuration is based on '$(KBUILD_DEFCONFIG)'"
$(Q)$< $(silent) --defconfig=arch/$(SRCARCH)/configs/$(KBUILD_DEFCONFIG) $(Kconfig)
@$(kecho) "*** Default configuration is based on target '$(KBUILD_DEFCONFIG)'"
$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(srctree)/Makefile $(KBUILD_DEFCONFIG)
%_defconfig: $(obj)/conf
$(Q)$< $(silent) --defconfig=arch/$(SRCARCH)/configs/$@ $(Kconfig)
configfiles=$(wildcard $(srctree)/kernel/configs/$@ $(srctree)/arch/$(SRCARCH)/configs/$@)
%.config: $(obj)/conf
$(if $(call configfiles),, $(error No configuration exists for this target on this architecture))
$(Q)$(CONFIG_SHELL) $(srctree)/scripts/kconfig/ -m .config $(configfiles)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(srctree)/Makefile olddefconfig
PHONY += kvmconfig
kvmconfig: kvm_guest.config
PHONY += xenconfig
xenconfig: xen.config
PHONY += tinyconfig
$(Q)$(MAKE) -f $(srctree)/Makefile allnoconfig tiny.config
# CHECK: -o cache_dir=<path> working?
PHONY += testconfig
testconfig: $(obj)/conf
$(PYTHON3) -B -m pytest $(srctree)/$(src)/tests \
-o cache_dir=$(abspath $(obj)/tests/.cache) \
$(if $(findstring 1,$(KBUILD_VERBOSE)),--capture=no)
clean-files += tests/.cache
# Help text used by make help
@echo ' config - Update current config utilising a line-oriented program'
@echo ' nconfig - Update current config utilising a ncurses menu based program'
@echo ' menuconfig - Update current config utilising a menu based program'
@echo ' xconfig - Update current config utilising a Qt based front-end'
@echo ' gconfig - Update current config utilising a GTK+ based front-end'
@echo ' oldconfig - Update current config utilising a provided .config as base'
@echo ' localmodconfig - Update current config disabling modules not loaded'
@echo ' localyesconfig - Update current config converting local mods to core'
@echo ' defconfig - New config with default from ARCH supplied defconfig'
@echo ' savedefconfig - Save current config as ./defconfig (minimal config)'
@echo ' allnoconfig - New config where all options are answered with no'
@echo ' allyesconfig - New config where all options are accepted with yes'
@echo ' allmodconfig - New config selecting modules when possible'
@echo ' alldefconfig - New config with all symbols set to default'
@echo ' randconfig - New config with random answer to all options'
@echo ' listnewconfig - List new options'
@echo ' olddefconfig - Same as oldconfig but sets new symbols to their'
@echo ' default value without prompting'
@echo ' kvmconfig - Enable additional options for kvm guest kernel support'
@echo ' xenconfig - Enable additional options for xen dom0 and guest kernel support'
@echo ' tinyconfig - Configure the tiniest possible kernel'
@echo ' testconfig - Run Kconfig unit tests (requires python3 and pytest)'
# ===========================================================================
# object files used by all kconfig flavours
common-objs := confdata.o expr.o lexer.lex.o preprocess.o \
$(obj)/lexer.lex.o: $(obj)/
HOSTCFLAGS_lexer.lex.o := -I $(srctree)/$(src) := -I $(srctree)/$(src)
# conf: Used for defconfig, oldconfig and related targets
hostprogs-y += conf
conf-objs := conf.o $(common-objs)
# nconf: Used for the nconfig target based on ncurses
hostprogs-y += nconf
nconf-objs := nconf.o nconf.gui.o $(common-objs)
HOSTLDLIBS_nconf = $(shell . $(obj)/nconf-cfg && echo $$libs)
HOSTCFLAGS_nconf.o = $(shell . $(obj)/nconf-cfg && echo $$cflags)
HOSTCFLAGS_nconf.gui.o = $(shell . $(obj)/nconf-cfg && echo $$cflags)
$(obj)/nconf.o $(obj)/nconf.gui.o: $(obj)/nconf-cfg
# mconf: Used for the menuconfig target based on lxdialog
hostprogs-y += mconf
lxdialog := $(addprefix lxdialog/, \
checklist.o inputbox.o menubox.o textbox.o util.o yesno.o)
mconf-objs := mconf.o $(lxdialog) $(common-objs)
HOSTLDLIBS_mconf = $(shell . $(obj)/mconf-cfg && echo $$libs)
$(foreach f, mconf.o $(lxdialog), \
$(eval HOSTCFLAGS_$f = $$(shell . $(obj)/mconf-cfg && echo $$$$cflags)))
$(addprefix $(obj)/, mconf.o $(lxdialog)): $(obj)/mconf-cfg
# qconf: Used for the xconfig target based on Qt
hostprogs-y += qconf
qconf-cxxobjs := qconf.o
qconf-objs := images.o $(common-objs)
HOSTLDLIBS_qconf = $(shell . $(obj)/qconf-cfg && echo $$libs)
HOSTCXXFLAGS_qconf.o = $(shell . $(obj)/qconf-cfg && echo $$cflags)
$(obj)/qconf.o: $(obj)/qconf-cfg $(obj)/qconf.moc
quiet_cmd_moc = MOC $@
cmd_moc = $(shell . $(obj)/qconf-cfg && echo $$moc) -i $< -o $@
$(obj)/%.moc: $(src)/%.h $(obj)/qconf-cfg
$(call cmd,moc)
# gconf: Used for the gconfig target based on GTK+
hostprogs-y += gconf
gconf-objs := gconf.o images.o $(common-objs)
HOSTLDLIBS_gconf = $(shell . $(obj)/gconf-cfg && echo $$libs)
HOSTCFLAGS_gconf.o = $(shell . $(obj)/gconf-cfg && echo $$cflags)
$(obj)/gconf.o: $(obj)/gconf-cfg
# check if necessary packages are available, and configure build flags
filechk_conf_cfg = $(CONFIG_SHELL) $<
$(obj)/%conf-cfg: $(src)/ FORCE
$(call filechk,conf_cfg)
clean-files += *conf-cfg