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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The experiment setting module."""
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import time
from threading import Lock
from cros_utils import logger
from cros_utils import misc
import benchmark_run
from machine_manager import BadChecksum
from machine_manager import MachineManager
from machine_manager import MockMachineManager
import test_flag
class Experiment(object):
"""Class representing an Experiment to be run."""
def __init__(self, name, remote, working_directory, chromeos_root,
cache_conditions, labels, benchmarks, experiment_file, email_to,
acquire_timeout, log_dir, log_level, share_cache,
results_directory, compress_results, locks_directory, cwp_dso,
ignore_min_max, skylab, dut_config): = name
self.working_directory = working_directory
self.remote = remote
self.chromeos_root = chromeos_root
self.cache_conditions = cache_conditions
self.experiment_file = experiment_file
self.email_to = email_to
if not results_directory:
self.results_directory = os.path.join(self.working_directory, + '_results')
self.results_directory = misc.CanonicalizePath(results_directory)
self.compress_results = compress_results
self.log_dir = log_dir
self.log_level = log_level
self.labels = labels
self.benchmarks = benchmarks
self.num_complete = 0
self.num_run_complete = 0
self.share_cache = share_cache
self.active_threads = []
self.locks_dir = locks_directory
self.locked_machines = []
self.lock_mgr = None
self.cwp_dso = cwp_dso
self.ignore_min_max = ignore_min_max
self.skylab = skylab
self.l = logger.GetLogger(log_dir)
if not self.benchmarks:
raise RuntimeError('No benchmarks specified')
if not self.labels:
raise RuntimeError('No labels specified')
if not remote and not self.skylab:
raise RuntimeError('No remote hosts specified')
# We need one chromeos_root to run the benchmarks in, but it doesn't
# matter where it is, unless the ABIs are different.
if not chromeos_root:
for label in self.labels:
if label.chromeos_root:
chromeos_root = label.chromeos_root
if not chromeos_root:
raise RuntimeError('No chromeos_root given and could not determine '
'one from the image path.')
machine_manager_fn = MachineManager
if test_flag.GetTestMode():
machine_manager_fn = MockMachineManager
self.machine_manager = machine_manager_fn(chromeos_root, acquire_timeout,
log_level, locks_directory)
self.l = logger.GetLogger(log_dir)
for machine in self.remote:
# machine_manager.AddMachine only adds reachable machines.
# Now machine_manager._all_machines contains a list of reachable
# machines. This is a subset of self.remote. We make both lists the same.
self.remote = [ for m in self.machine_manager.GetAllMachines()]
if not self.remote:
raise RuntimeError('No machine available for running experiment.')
# Initialize checksums for all machines, ignore errors at this time.
# The checksum will be double checked, and image will be flashed after
# duts are locked/leased.
self.start_time = None
self.benchmark_runs = self._GenerateBenchmarkRuns(dut_config)
self._schedv2 = None
self._internal_counter_lock = Lock()
def set_schedv2(self, schedv2):
self._schedv2 = schedv2
def schedv2(self):
return self._schedv2
def _GenerateBenchmarkRuns(self, dut_config):
"""Generate benchmark runs from labels and benchmark defintions."""
benchmark_runs = []
for label in self.labels:
for benchmark in self.benchmarks:
for iteration in range(1, benchmark.iterations + 1):
benchmark_run_name = '%s: %s (%s)' % (,,
full_name = '%s_%s_%s' % (,, iteration)
logger_to_use = logger.Logger(self.log_dir, 'run.%s' % (full_name),
benchmark_run_name, benchmark, label, iteration,
self.cache_conditions, self.machine_manager, logger_to_use,
self.log_level, self.share_cache, dut_config))
return benchmark_runs
def SetCheckSums(self, forceSameImage=False):
for label in self.labels:
# We filter out label remotes that are not reachable (not in
# self.remote). So each label.remote is a sublist of experiment.remote.
label.remote = [r for r in label.remote if r in self.remote]
except BadChecksum:
# Force same image on all machines, then we do checksum again. No
# bailout if checksums still do not match.
# TODO (zhizhouy): Need to figure out how flashing image will influence
# the new checksum.
if forceSameImage:
def Build(self):
def Terminate(self):
if self._schedv2 is not None:
for t in self.benchmark_runs:
if t.isAlive():
self.l.LogError("Terminating run: '%s'." %
def IsComplete(self):
if self._schedv2:
return self._schedv2.is_complete()
if self.active_threads:
for t in self.active_threads:
if t.isAlive():
if not t.isAlive():
self.num_complete += 1
if not t.cache_hit:
self.num_run_complete += 1
return False
return True
def BenchmarkRunFinished(self, br):
"""Update internal counters after br finishes.
Note this is only used by schedv2 and is called by multiple threads.
Never throw any exception here.
assert self._schedv2 is not None
with self._internal_counter_lock:
self.num_complete += 1
if not br.cache_hit:
self.num_run_complete += 1
def Run(self):
self.start_time = time.time()
if self._schedv2 is not None:
self.active_threads = []
for run in self.benchmark_runs:
# Set threads to daemon so program exits when ctrl-c is pressed.
run.daemon = True
def SetCacheConditions(self, cache_conditions):
for run in self.benchmark_runs:
def Cleanup(self):
"""Make sure all machines are unlocked."""
if self.locks_dir:
# We are using the file locks mechanism, so call machine_manager.Cleanup
# to unlock everything.
if test_flag.GetTestMode() or not self.locked_machines:
# If we locked any machines earlier, make sure we unlock them now.
if self.lock_mgr:
machine_states = self.lock_mgr.GetMachineStates('unlock')
self.lock_mgr.CheckMachineLocks(machine_states, 'unlock')
unlocked_machines = self.lock_mgr.UpdateMachines(False)
failed_machines = [
m for m in self.locked_machines if m not in unlocked_machines
if failed_machines:
raise RuntimeError(
'These machines are not unlocked correctly: %s' % failed_machines)
self.lock_mgr = None