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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Helper functions to put user defined flags to mk/bp files"""
from __future__ import print_function
import config
import os
import subprocess
# Find the makefile/blueprint based on the benchmark, and make a copy of
# it for restoring later.
def backup_file(bench, file_type):
mk_file = os.path.join(config.android_home, config.bench_dict[bench],
'Android.' + file_type)
# Make a copy of the makefile/blueprint so that we can recover it after
# building the benchmark
'cp', mk_file,
os.path.join(config.android_home, config.bench_dict[bench],
except subprocess.CalledProcessError():
raise OSError('Cannot backup Android.%s file for %s' % (file_type, bench))
# Insert lines to add LOCAL_CFLAGS/LOCAL_LDFLAGS to the benchmarks
# makefile/blueprint
def replace_flags(bench, android_type, file_type, cflags, ldflags):
# Use format ["Flag1", "Flag2"] for bp file
if file_type == 'bp':
if cflags:
cflags = '\", \"'.join(cflags.split())
if ldflags:
ldflags = '\", \"'.join(ldflags.split())
if not cflags:
cflags = ''
cflags = '\"' + cflags + '\",'
if not ldflags:
ldflags = ''
ldflags = '\"' + ldflags + '\",'
# Two different diffs are used for aosp or internal android repo.
if android_type == 'aosp':
bench_diff = bench + '_flags_aosp.diff'
bench_diff = bench + '_flags_internal.diff'
# Replace CFLAGS_FOR_BENCH_SUITE marker with proper cflags
output = ''
with open(bench_diff) as f:
for line in f:
line = line.replace('CFLAGS_FOR_BENCH_SUITE', cflags)
line = line.replace('LDFLAGS_FOR_BENCH_SUITE', ldflags)
output += line
with open('modified.diff', 'w') as f:
def apply_patches(bench):
bench_dir = os.path.join(config.android_home, config.bench_dict[bench])
bench_diff = 'modified.diff'
flags_patch = os.path.join(
os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)), bench_diff)
subprocess.check_call(['git', '-C', bench_dir, 'apply', flags_patch])
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
raise OSError('Patch for adding flags for %s does not succeed.' % (bench))
def replace_flags_in_dir(bench, cflags, ldflags):
bench_mk = os.path.join(config.android_home, config.bench_dict[bench],
if not cflags:
cflags = ''
if not ldflags:
ldflags = ''
output = ''
with open(bench_mk) as f:
for line in f:
line = line.replace('$(CFLAGS_FOR_BENCH_SUITE)', cflags)
line = line.replace('$(LDFLAGS_FOR_BENCH_SUITE)', ldflags)
output += line
with open(bench_mk, 'w') as f:
def add_flags_Panorama(cflags, ldflags):
backup_file('Panorama', 'mk')
replace_flags_in_dir('Panorama', cflags, ldflags)
def add_flags_Synthmark(cflags, ldflags):
backup_file('Synthmark', 'mk')
replace_flags_in_dir('Synthmark', cflags, ldflags)
def add_flags_Skia(cflags, ldflags):
backup_file('Skia', 'bp')
replace_flags('Skia', config.android_type, 'bp', cflags, ldflags)
def add_flags_Binder(cflags, ldflags):
backup_file('Binder', 'bp')
replace_flags('Binder', config.android_type, 'bp', cflags, ldflags)
def add_flags_Hwui(cflags, ldflags):
backup_file('Hwui', 'bp')
replace_flags('Hwui', config.android_type, 'bp', cflags, ldflags)
def add_flags_Dex2oat(cflags, ldflags):
backup_file('Dex2oat', 'bp')
replace_flags('Dex2oat', config.android_type, 'bp', cflags, ldflags)