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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Configuration file for the benchmark suite."""
from __future__ import print_function
import ConfigParser
import os
from parse_result import parse_Panorama
from parse_result import parse_Dex2oat
from parse_result import parse_Hwui
from parse_result import parse_Skia
from parse_result import parse_Synthmark
from parse_result import parse_Binder
from set_flags import add_flags_Panorama
from set_flags import add_flags_Dex2oat
from set_flags import add_flags_Hwui
from set_flags import add_flags_Skia
from set_flags import add_flags_Synthmark
from set_flags import add_flags_Binder
home = os.environ['HOME']
# Load user configurations for default envrionments
env_config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser(allow_no_value=True)'env_setting')
def get_suite_env(name, path=False):
variable = env_config.get('Suite_Environment', name)
if variable:
if path and not os.path.isdir(variable):
raise ValueError('The path of %s does not exist.' % name)
return variable
raise ValueError('Please specify %s in env_setting' % name)
# Android source code type: internal or aosp
android_type = get_suite_env('android_type')
# Android home directory specified as android_home,
android_home = get_suite_env('android_home', True)
# The benchmark results will be saved in bench_suite_dir.
# Please create a directory to store the results, default directory is
# android_home/benchtoolchain
bench_suite_dir = get_suite_env('bench_suite_dir', True)
# Crosperf directory is used to generate crosperf report.
toolchain_utils = get_suite_env('toolchain_utils', True)
# Please change both product and architecture at same time
# Product can be chosen from the lunch list of android building.
product_combo = get_suite_env('product_combo')
# Arch can be found from out/target/product
product = get_suite_env('product')
# Benchmarks list is in following variables, you can change it adding new
# benchmarks.
bench_dict = {
'Panorama': 'packages/apps/LegacyCamera/jni/',
'Dex2oat': 'art/compiler/',
'Hwui': 'frameworks/base/libs/hwui/',
'Skia': 'external/skia/',
'Synthmark': 'synthmark/',
'Binder': 'frameworks/native/libs/binder/',
bench_parser_dict = {
'Panorama': parse_Panorama,
'Dex2oat': parse_Dex2oat,
'Hwui': parse_Hwui,
'Skia': parse_Skia,
'Synthmark': parse_Synthmark,
'Binder': parse_Binder,
bench_flags_dict = {
'Panorama': add_flags_Panorama,
'Dex2oat': add_flags_Dex2oat,
'Hwui': add_flags_Hwui,
'Skia': add_flags_Skia,
'Synthmark': add_flags_Synthmark,
'Binder': add_flags_Binder,
bench_list = bench_dict.keys()
# Directories used in the benchmark suite
autotest_dir = 'external/autotest/'
out_dir = os.path.join(android_home, 'out')