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#!/bin/bash -eu
# Copyright 2019 The ChromiumOS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This is a script crafted to make our Android friends' lives easier: when run
# on their copy of toolchain-utils, this script will do all of the necessary
# merging/branch creation/etc. to make keeping things up-to-date trivial.
# For example,
local_upstream="aosp/master" # nocheck
remote_branch="${remote}/upstream-mirror-master" # nocheck
my_dir="$(dirname "$(readlink -m "$0")")"
cd "${my_dir}"
ensure_head_is_upstream_main() {
local current_rev main_rev
current_rev="$(git rev-parse HEAD)"
main_rev="$(git rev-parse "${local_upstream}")"
if [[ "${current_rev}" != "${main_rev}" ]]; then
echo "Please checkout ${local_upstream} and rerun this" >&2
ensure_no_local_branch_present() {
if ! git rev-parse "${local_branch_name}" >& /dev/null; then
return 0
echo -n "${local_branch_name} is a valid branch already. Delete? [y/N] " >&2
local line
read -r line
if [[ "${line}" != y* && "${line}" != Y* ]]; then
echo "Aborted" >&2
exit 1
# If we're *on* that branch, deleting it is difficult. Always detach.
git checkout --detach || return
git branch -D "${local_branch_name}"
get_merge_commit_list() {
local merge_base
merge_base="$(git merge-base HEAD "${remote_branch}")"
git log --oneline "${merge_base}..${remote_branch}"
echo "Ensuring repository is up-to-date..."
git fetch "${remote}"
repo start "${local_branch_name}"
num_commits="$(wc -l <<< "${commit_list}")"
# Disable shellcheck for the sed substitution warning.
# shellcheck disable=SC2001
commit_message="Merging ${num_commits} commit(s) from Chromium's toolchain-utils
Merged commit digest:
$(sed 's/^/ /' <<< "${commit_list}")
git merge "${remote_branch}" -m "${commit_message}"
echo 'NOTE: When you try to "repo upload", repo might show a scary warning'
echo 'about the number of changes are being uploaded. That should be fine,'
echo 'since repo will only create CLs for commits not known to our remote.'