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# Copyright 1998-2004 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import signal
import sys
from portage import _unicode_encode, _unicode_decode
from portage.localization import _
if sys.hexversion >= 0x3000000:
basestring = str
class PortageException(Exception):
"""General superclass for portage exceptions"""
def __init__(self,value):
self.value = value[:]
if sys.hexversion < 0x3000000 and isinstance(self.value, unicode):
# Workaround for string formatting operator and unicode value
# attribute triggering empty output in formatted string.
self.value = _unicode_encode(self.value)
def __str__(self):
if isinstance(self.value, basestring):
return self.value
return repr(self.value)
if sys.hexversion < 0x3000000:
def __unicode__(self):
return _unicode_decode(self.__str__())
class CorruptionError(PortageException):
"""Corruption indication"""
class InvalidDependString(PortageException):
"""An invalid depend string has been encountered"""
def __init__(self, value, errors=None):
PortageException.__init__(self, value)
self.errors = errors
class InvalidVersionString(PortageException):
"""An invalid version string has been encountered"""
class SecurityViolation(PortageException):
"""An incorrect formatting was passed instead of the expected one"""
class IncorrectParameter(PortageException):
"""A parameter of the wrong type was passed"""
class MissingParameter(PortageException):
"""A parameter is required for the action requested but was not passed"""
class ParseError(PortageException):
"""An error was generated while attempting to parse the request"""
class InvalidData(PortageException):
"""An incorrect formatting was passed instead of the expected one"""
def __init__(self, value, category=None):
PortageException.__init__(self, value)
self.category = category
class InvalidDataType(PortageException):
"""An incorrect type was passed instead of the expected one"""
class InvalidLocation(PortageException):
"""Data was not found when it was expected to exist or was specified incorrectly"""
class FileNotFound(InvalidLocation):
"""A file was not found when it was expected to exist"""
class DirectoryNotFound(InvalidLocation):
"""A directory was not found when it was expected to exist"""
class OperationNotPermitted(PortageException):
from errno import EPERM as errno
"""An operation was not permitted operating system"""
class PermissionDenied(PortageException):
from errno import EACCES as errno
"""Permission denied"""
class TryAgain(PortageException):
from errno import EAGAIN as errno
"""Try again"""
class TimeoutException(PortageException):
from errno import ETIME as errno
class AlarmSignal(TimeoutException):
def __init__(self, value, signum=None, frame=None):
TimeoutException.__init__(self, value)
self.signum = signum
self.frame = frame
def register(cls, time):
signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, cls._signal_handler)
def unregister(cls):
signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, signal.SIG_DFL)
def _signal_handler(cls, signum, frame):
signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, signal.SIG_DFL)
raise AlarmSignal("alarm signal",
signum=signum, frame=frame)
class ReadOnlyFileSystem(PortageException):
"""Read-only file system"""
class CommandNotFound(PortageException):
"""A required binary was not available or executable"""
class AmbiguousPackageName(ValueError, PortageException):
"""Raised by portage.cpv_expand() when the package name is ambiguous due
to the existence of multiple matches in different categories. This inherits
from ValueError, for backward compatibility with calling code that already
handles ValueError."""
def __str__(self):
return ValueError.__str__(self)
class PortagePackageException(PortageException):
"""Malformed or missing package data"""
class PackageNotFound(PortagePackageException):
"""Missing Ebuild or Binary"""
class PackageSetNotFound(PortagePackageException):
"""Missing package set"""
class InvalidPackageName(PortagePackageException):
"""Malformed package name"""
class InvalidAtom(PortagePackageException):
"""Malformed atom spec"""
def __init__(self, value, category=None):
PortagePackageException.__init__(self, value)
self.category = category
class UnsupportedAPIException(PortagePackageException):
"""Unsupported API"""
def __init__(self, cpv, eapi):
self.cpv, self.eapi = cpv, eapi
def __str__(self):
msg = _("Unable to do any operations on '%(cpv)s', since "
"it's EAPI is higher than this portage version's. Please upgrade"
" to a portage version that supports EAPI '%(eapi)s'.") % \
{"cpv": self.cpv, "eapi": str(self.eapi).lstrip("-")}
return msg
class SignatureException(PortageException):
"""Signature was not present in the checked file"""
class DigestException(SignatureException):
"""A problem exists in the digest"""
class MissingSignature(SignatureException):
"""Signature was not present in the checked file"""
class InvalidSignature(SignatureException):
"""Signature was checked and was not a valid, current, nor trusted signature"""
class UntrustedSignature(SignatureException):
"""Signature was not certified to the desired security level"""