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# Copyright 2005-2012 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# Author(s): Brian Harring (
import os as _os
import sys
from portage.cache import template
from portage import os
from portage.proxy.lazyimport import lazyimport
del lazyimport
if sys.hexversion >= 0x3000000:
long = int
class FsBased(template.database):
"""template wrapping fs needed options, and providing _ensure_access as a way to
attempt to ensure files have the specified owners/perms"""
def __init__(self, *args, **config):
for x, y in (("gid", -1), ("perms", -1)):
if x in config:
setattr(self, "_"+x, config[x])
del config[x]
setattr(self, "_"+x, y)
super(FsBased, self).__init__(*args, **config)
if self.label.startswith(os.path.sep):
# normpath.
self.label = os.path.sep + os.path.normpath(self.label).lstrip(os.path.sep)
def _ensure_access(self, path, mtime=-1):
"""returns true or false if it's able to ensure that path is properly chmod'd and chowned.
if mtime is specified, attempts to ensure that's correct also"""
apply_permissions(path, gid=self._gid, mode=self._perms)
if mtime != -1:
os.utime(path, (mtime, mtime))
except (PortageException, EnvironmentError):
return False
return True
def _ensure_dirs(self, path=None):
"""with path!=None, ensure beyond self.location. otherwise, ensure self.location"""
if path:
path = os.path.dirname(path)
base = self.location
path = self.location
for dir in path.lstrip(os.path.sep).rstrip(os.path.sep).split(os.path.sep):
base = os.path.join(base,dir)
if not os.path.exists(base):
if self._perms != -1:
um = os.umask(0)
perms = self._perms
if perms == -1:
perms = 0
perms |= 0o755
os.mkdir(base, perms)
if self._gid != -1:
os.chown(base, -1, self._gid)
if self._perms != -1:
def _prune_empty_dirs(self):
all_dirs = []
for parent, dirs, files in os.walk(self.location):
for x in dirs:
all_dirs.append(_os.path.join(parent, x))
while all_dirs:
except OSError:
def gen_label(base, label):
"""if supplied label is a path, generate a unique label based upon label, and supplied base path"""
if label.find(os.path.sep) == -1:
return label
label = label.strip("\"").strip("'")
label = os.path.join(*(label.rstrip(os.path.sep).split(os.path.sep)))
tail = os.path.split(label)[1]
return "%s-%X" % (tail, abs(label.__hash__()))