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.TH "ETC-UPDATE" "1" "Mar 2012" "Portage VERSION" "Portage"
etc-update \- handle configuration file updates
.BR etc-update
[\fIoptions\fR] [\fI--automode <mode>\fR] [\fIpaths to scan\fR]
.I etc-update
is supposed to be run after merging a new package to see if
there are updates to the configuration files. If a new
configuration file will override an old one,
.I etc-update
will prompt the user for a decision.
.I etc-update
will check all directories specified on the command line. If no paths
are given, then the \fICONFIG_PROTECT\fR variable will be used. All
config files found in \fICONFIG_PROTECT_MASK\fR will automatically be
updated for you by \fIetc-update\fR. See \fBmake.conf\fR(5) for more
.I etc-update
respects the normal \fIPORTAGE_CONFIGROOT\fR and \fIEROOT\fR variables
for finding the aforementioned config protect variables.
.BR \-d ", " \-\-debug
Run with shell tracing enabled.
.BR \-h ", " \-\-help
Surprisingly, show the help output.
.BR \-p ", " \-\-preen
Automerge trivial changes only and quit.
.BR \-v ", " \-\-verbose
Show settings and important decision info while running.
.BR "\-\-automode <mode>"
Select one of the automatic merge modes. Valid modes are: -3 -5 -7 -9.
See the \fI\-\-help\fR text for more details.
Please report bugs via
Jochem Kossen and Leo Lipelis
Karl Trygve Kalleberg <>
Mike Frysinger <>
.B /etc/etc-update.conf
Configuration settings for \fIetc-update\fR are stored here.
.BR dispatch-conf (1),
.BR make.conf (5)