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# TODO list for Portage; the Gentoo Linux package system
# $Id: TODO,v 1.11 2004/09/09 08:02:53 carpaski Exp $
# Add your name to the top of any item you are working actively on
# and then commit. Be sure you have a current copy of this file.
'*' Just do it. '#' Tricky
'!' Difficult '@' Restricted in some way
File "/usr/lib/portage/pym/", line 46, in lockfile
myfd =, os.O_CREAT|os.O_RDWR,0660)
OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/tmp/portage/tmpfs/aux_db_key_temp'
* Clean should only produce output for 'emerge clean'
# Stop using mtimes for packages. Have portage look up all files in the
vardb to ensure that a file isn't duplicated and unmerge it if not.
Potentially slow... Need some way to speed it up... hash of filenames?
# Virtuals. /var/cache/edb/virtuals -- Effectively remove it.
/etc/portage/virtuals is a user-modifiable version that acts like an
incremental applied on top of an ON-DEMAND virtual calculation system.
Virtuals should be calculated from /var/db/pkg EVERY time it is requested.
# Repoman needs to ignore all user-set info in /etc/portage
It's not relevant to deployed users and will probably be a general gotcha.
# Multiple rsync repos.
bug 28796 -- Enable metadata caches for them.
# STICKIES and related enhancements:
bug 9379, bug 13616, Aether's config code
# Determine file lock status before starting downloads -- Prevent races/deletes
Patches exist for this. Integrate and find all colliding descriptors/cmds.
Create a fileIO layer? (wget and other external calls are a problem)
* Add category support to searches... emerge -s @catgory
@ rsync - track changes based in subtrees to reduce filetree expense.
Possible plans:
Use md5's of tree file list + md5 of subtree -- client-side burden.
Maintain hash of changes on rsync1 -- Server-side burden. **
Implement CVSUP. **
# 'emerge sync' timestamp awareness -- Make sure IP is associated and not
used at random as servers may differ. bug 21794
! Rename all undocumented variables used in bash to prefixed values that
are not easy to accidently duplicate. BUILDDIR --> PORTAGE_BUILDDIR or
something like that. Prevent ebuilds from clobbering system variables.