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# Copyright 1999-2004 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Id: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-src/portage/bin/chkcontents,v 1.11 2004/10/04 13:56:50 vapier Exp $
# Very simple program to compare the md5sums of a package as listed
# in VDB_PATH/category/package/CONTENTS with the md5sums of the
# actual programs on the system (and makes sure that symlinks point to
# the right files).
import string, os.path, os, sys
sys.path = ["/usr/lib/portage/pym"]+sys.path
import portage
def CONTENTScheck(path):
contents = open(path, "r")
except IOError, e:
print "Unable to open %s: %s" % (path, e)
lines = contents.readlines()
for line in lines:
items = string.split(line)
# items is a list w/ size depending on the type of item listed in item[0]
# if items[0] = 'dir' then items[1] is the path of a directory
# if items[0] = 'obj' then items[1] is the path of a file,
# items[2] is the file's md5sum,
# items[3] is the file's size
# if items[0] = 'sym' then items[1] is the path of a symbolic link,
# items[2] is '->'
# items[3] is the file the symlink should point to
# items[4] is the symlink mtime
if (items[0] == 'obj'):
md5stored = string.lower(items[2])
# fchksum.fmdft(file) returns the file's md5sum and the file's size
md5real = string.lower(portage.perform_checksum(items[1])[0])
if (md5stored != md5real):
if md5real:
print "%s has md5sum of %s instead of %s" % (items[1], md5real, md5stored)
print "%s is missing!" % items[1]
elif (items[0] == 'sym'):
link = items[1]
target = items[3]
if (not os.path.islink(link)):
print "%s is not a symbolic link" % link
actualtarget = os.readlink(link)
if (os.path.normpath(actualtarget) != os.path.normpath(target)):
print "%s points to %s, not %s" % (link, actualtarget, target)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
if (len(sys.argv) != 2 or sys.argv[1] == "--help"):
print "This program compares md5sums in the file VDB_PATH/category/package/CONTENTS"
print "with the md5sums of the actual files on the filesystem"
print "(and makes sure that symlinks point to the right files)."
print "\nUsage: chkcontents path/to/CONTENTS"