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# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
from _emerge.AbstractEbuildProcess import AbstractEbuildProcess
import portage
portage.proxy.lazyimport.lazyimport(globals(), "portage.package.ebuild.doebuild:spawn")
from portage import os
class MiscFunctionsProcess(AbstractEbuildProcess):
Spawns with an existing ebuild environment.
__slots__ = ("commands", "ld_preload_sandbox")
def _start(self):
settings = self.settings
portage_bin_path = settings["PORTAGE_BIN_PATH"]
misc_sh_binary = os.path.join(
portage_bin_path, os.path.basename(portage.const.MISC_SH_BINARY)
self.args = [portage._shell_quote(misc_sh_binary)] + self.commands
if (
self.logfile is None
and self.settings.get("PORTAGE_BACKGROUND") != "subprocess"
self.logfile = settings.get("PORTAGE_LOG_FILE")
def _spawn(self, args, **kwargs):
# If self.ld_preload_sandbox is None, default to free=False,
# in alignment with the spawn(free=False) default.
False if self.ld_preload_sandbox is None else not self.ld_preload_sandbox,
if self._dummy_pipe_fd is not None:
self.settings["PORTAGE_PIPE_FD"] = str(self._dummy_pipe_fd)
if "fakeroot" in self.settings.features:
kwargs["fakeroot"] = True
# Temporarily unset EBUILD_PHASE so that bashrc code doesn't
# think this is a real phase.
phase_backup = self.settings.pop("EBUILD_PHASE", None)
return spawn(" ".join(args), self.settings, **kwargs)
if phase_backup is not None:
self.settings["EBUILD_PHASE"] = phase_backup
self.settings.pop("PORTAGE_PIPE_FD", None)