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# Copyright 2016 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
__all__ = ['ConfigParserError', 'NoOptionError', 'ParsingError',
'RawConfigParser', 'SafeConfigParser', 'read_configs']
# the following scary compatibility thing provides two classes:
# - SafeConfigParser that provides safe interpolation for values,
# - RawConfigParser that provides no interpolation for values.
import io
import sys
from configparser import (Error as ConfigParserError,
NoOptionError, ParsingError, RawConfigParser)
if sys.hexversion >= 0x3020000:
from configparser import ConfigParser as SafeConfigParser
from configparser import SafeConfigParser
except ImportError:
from ConfigParser import (Error as ConfigParserError,
NoOptionError, ParsingError, RawConfigParser, SafeConfigParser)
from portage import _encodings
from portage import _unicode_encode
if sys.hexversion >= 0x3000000:
# pylint: disable=W0622
basestring = str
def read_configs(parser, paths):
Read configuration files from given paths into the specified
ConfigParser, handling path encoding portably.
@param parser: target *ConfigParser instance
@type parser: SafeConfigParser or RawConfigParser
@param paths: list of paths to read
@type paths: iterable
# use read_file/readfp in order to control decoding of unicode
# Python >=3.2
read_file = parser.read_file
source_kwarg = 'source'
except AttributeError:
read_file = parser.readfp
source_kwarg = 'filename'
for p in paths:
if isinstance(p, basestring):
f = None
f =,
encoding=_encodings['fs'], errors='strict'),
mode='r', encoding=_encodings['repo.content'],
except EnvironmentError:
# The 'source' keyword argument is needed since otherwise
# ConfigParser in Python <3.3.3 may throw a TypeError
# because it assumes that is a native string rather
# than binary when constructing error messages.
kwargs = {source_kwarg: p}
read_file(f, **kwargs)
if f is not None:
elif isinstance(p, io.StringIO):
kwargs = {source_kwarg: "<io.StringIO>"}
read_file(p, **kwargs)
raise TypeError("Unsupported type %r of element %r of 'paths' argument" % (type(p), p))