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# elog/ - elog dispatch module
# Copyright 2006-2010 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import portage
from portage.exception import AlarmSignal, PortageException
from portage.localization import _
from portage.util import writemsg
from portage import os
from portage import _encodings
from portage import _unicode_decode
import socket
import time
_items = {}
def process(mysettings, key, logentries, fulltext):
global _items
time_str = _unicode_decode(
time.strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M%S %Z", time.localtime(time.time())),
encoding=_encodings['content'], errors='replace')
header = _(">>> Messages generated for package %(pkg)s by process %(pid)d on %(time)s:\n\n") % \
{"pkg": key, "pid": os.getpid(), "time": time_str}
config_root = mysettings["PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT"]
# Copy needed variables from the config instance,
# since we don't need to hold a reference for the
# whole thing. This also makes it possible to
# rely on per-package variable settings that may
# have come from /etc/portage/package.env, since
# we'll be isolated from any future mutations of
# mysettings.
config_dict = {}
for k in _config_keys:
v = mysettings.get(k)
if v is not None:
config_dict[k] = v
config_dict, items = _items.setdefault(config_root, (config_dict, {}))
items[key] = header + fulltext
def finalize():
global _items
for mysettings, items in _items.values():
_finalize(mysettings, items)
def _finalize(mysettings, items):
if len(items) == 0:
elif len(items) == 1:
count = _("one package")
count = _("multiple packages")
if "PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILURI" in mysettings:
myrecipient = mysettings["PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILURI"].split()[0]
myrecipient = "root@localhost"
myfrom = mysettings.get("PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILFROM", "")
myfrom = myfrom.replace("${HOST}", socket.getfqdn())
mysubject = mysettings.get("PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILSUBJECT", "")
mysubject = mysubject.replace("${PACKAGE}", count)
mysubject = mysubject.replace("${HOST}", socket.getfqdn())
mybody = _("elog messages for the following packages generated by "
"process %(pid)d on host %(host)s:\n") % {"pid": os.getpid(), "host": socket.getfqdn()}
for key in items:
mybody += "- %s\n" % key
mymessage = portage.mail.create_message(myfrom, myrecipient, mysubject,
mybody, attachments=list(items.values()))
# Timeout after one minute in case send_mail() blocks indefinitely.
portage.mail.send_mail(mysettings, mymessage)
except AlarmSignal:
writemsg("Timeout in finalize() for elog system 'mail_summary'\n",
except PortageException as e:
writemsg("%s\n" % (e,), noiselevel=-1)