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# elog/ - elog dispatch module
# Copyright 2006-2007 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import portage.mail, socket
from portage.exception import PortageException
from portage.localization import _
from portage.util import writemsg
def process(mysettings, key, logentries, fulltext):
if "PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILURI" in mysettings:
myrecipient = mysettings["PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILURI"].split()[0]
myrecipient = "root@localhost"
myfrom = mysettings["PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILFROM"]
myfrom = myfrom.replace("${HOST}", socket.getfqdn())
mysubject = mysettings["PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILSUBJECT"]
mysubject = mysubject.replace("${PACKAGE}", key)
mysubject = mysubject.replace("${HOST}", socket.getfqdn())
# look at the phases listed in our logentries to figure out what action was performed
action = _("merged")
for phase in logentries:
# if we found a *rm phase assume that the package was unmerged
if phase in ["postrm", "prerm"]:
action = _("unmerged")
# if we think that the package was unmerged, make sure there was no unexpected
# phase recorded to avoid misinformation
if action == _("unmerged"):
for phase in logentries:
if phase not in ["postrm", "prerm", "other"]:
action = _("unknown")
mysubject = mysubject.replace("${ACTION}", action)
mymessage = portage.mail.create_message(myfrom, myrecipient, mysubject, fulltext)
portage.mail.send_mail(mysettings, mymessage)
except PortageException as e:
writemsg("%s\n" % str(e), noiselevel=-1)