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# check for missing calls to gnome2-utils regen functions
gnome2_icon_cache_check() {
type -P gtk-update-icon-cache &>/dev/null || return
local d f all_files=() missing
for d in usr/share/icons/*/; do
# gnome2_icon_cache_update updates only themes with an index
[[ -f ${d}/index.theme ]] || continue
local files=() find_args=(
# gtk-update-icon-cache supports only specific file
# suffixes; match that to avoid false positives
'(' -name '*.png' -o -name '*.svg'
-o -name '*.xpm' -o -name '*.icon' ')'
# if the cache does not exist at all, we complain for any file
# otherwise, we look for files newer than the cache
[[ -f ${d}/icon-theme.cache ]] &&
find_args+=( -newercm "${d}"/icon-theme.cache ) || missing=1
# (use -mindepth 2 to easily skip the cache files)
while read -r -d $'\0' f; do
files+=( "${f}" )
done < <(find "${d}" -mindepth 2 -type f "${find_args[@]}" -print0)
# if any files were found, update the db to avoid repeating
# the warning for subsequent packages
if [[ ${files[@]} ]]; then
addwrite "${d}"
gtk-update-icon-cache -qf "${d}"
# preinst initializes the baseline state for the posinst check
[[ ${PORTAGE_QA_PHASE} == preinst ]] && return
# parallel-install makes it impossible to blame a specific package
has parallel-install ${FEATURES} && return
# avoid false-positives on first install (bug 649464)
[[ ${PN} == gtk-update-icon-cache ]] && return
# The eqatag call is prohibitively expensive if the cache is
# missing and there are a large number of files.
if [[ -z ${missing} && ${all_files[@]} ]]; then
eqawarn "QA Notice: new icons were found installed but GTK+ icon cache"
eqawarn "has not been updated:"
eqatag -v gnome2-utils.icon-cache "${all_files[@]/#//}"
eqawarn "Please make sure to call gnome2_icon_cache_update()"
eqawarn "in pkg_postinst() and pkg_postrm() phases of appropriate pkgs."
gnome2_utils_postinst_check() {
cd "${EROOT:-/}" || die
: # guarantee successful exit
# vim:ft=sh