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# Copyright 1999-2006 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Id$
# pipe in the data.
sort -u - > md5check.tmp
grep '^Extra' md5check.tmp > md5check.tmp.extra
grep '^Missing' md5check.tmp > md5check.tmp.missing
grep '^Coll' md5check.tmp > md5check.tmp.colliding
sed -i "
s:,:\n :g
s: of :\n :g
s: and :\n :g" md5check.tmp.colliding
sed -i "s/^[^ ]\+ md5sum: \(.*\) in \(.*\)$/ \2: \1/g" md5check.tmp.missing
sed -i "s/^[^ ]\+ md5sum: \(.*\) in \(.*\)$/ \2: \1/g" md5check.tmp.extra
#echo "Colliding files:" > md5check.colliding
#sort -u md5check.tmp.colliding >> md5check.colliding
cp md5check.tmp.colliding md5check.colliding
echo "Missing from digest:" > md5check.missing
sort -u md5check.tmp.missing >> md5check.missing
echo "Extra files in digest:" > md5check.extra
sort -u md5check.tmp.extra >> md5check.extra
rm md5check.tmp*