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# Copyright 2007-2014 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import logging
from portage import os
from portage.util import grabfile_package, stack_lists
from portage._sets.base import PackageSet
from portage._sets import get_boolean
from portage.util import writemsg_level
__all__ = ["PackagesSystemSet"]
class PackagesSystemSet(PackageSet):
_operations = ["merge"]
def __init__(self, profiles, debug=False):
super(PackagesSystemSet, self).__init__()
self._profiles = profiles
self._debug = debug
if profiles:
desc_profile = profiles[-1]
if desc_profile.user_config and len(profiles) > 1:
desc_profile = profiles[-2]
description = desc_profile.location
description = None
self.description = "System packages for profile %s" % description
def load(self):
debug = self._debug
if debug:
writemsg_level("\nPackagesSystemSet: profiles: %s\n" %
(self._profiles,), level=logging.DEBUG, noiselevel=-1)
mylist = [grabfile_package(os.path.join(x.location, "packages"),
verify_eapi=True, eapi=x.eapi, eapi_default=None,
for x in self._profiles]
if debug:
writemsg_level("\nPackagesSystemSet: raw packages: %s\n" % \
(mylist,), level=logging.DEBUG, noiselevel=-1)
mylist = stack_lists(mylist, incremental=1)
if debug:
writemsg_level("\nPackagesSystemSet: stacked packages: %s\n" % \
(mylist,), level=logging.DEBUG, noiselevel=-1)
self._setAtoms([x[1:] for x in mylist if x[0] == "*"])
def singleBuilder(self, options, settings, trees):
debug = get_boolean(options, "debug", False)
return PackagesSystemSet(
settings._locations_manager.profiles_complex, debug=debug)
singleBuilder = classmethod(singleBuilder)