DEVELOPING: Add note on commit messages
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 parts of the system have actually changed.  It also makes it easier to
 cherry-pick and revert commits. Use your common sense!
+Commit messages
+Commit messages should be in the imperative mood with a capitalised
+header, optionally followed by a newline and a more detailed explanatory
+text.  The headline should be capped at 50 characters, the detailed text
+at 72.  Prefix the message with the component you touched if this makes
+sense.  Postfix the message with the bug it fixes, if it does.  Example:
+emerge: Fix --tree output (bug 555555)
+Make sure newlines appear where they are supposed to. Fix a bug with
+colourisation of --tree output when used in tandem with --verbose
+--pretend --ask.
+For a more detailed explanation (and rationalisation) of these rules: