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# repoman: Checks
# Copyright 2007 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Id$
"""This module contains functions used in Repoman to ascertain the quality
and correctness of an ebuild."""
import os
import re
import time
import repoman.errors as errors
class LineCheck(object):
"""Run a check on a line of an ebuild."""
"""A regular expression to determine whether to ignore the line"""
ignore_line = False
def new(self, pkg):
def check(self, num, line):
"""Run the check on line and return error if there is one"""
return self.error
def end(self):
class EbuildHeader(LineCheck):
"""Ensure ebuilds have proper headers
Copyright header errors
CVS header errors
License header errors
modification_year - Year the ebuild was last modified
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.badheader'
gentoo_copyright = r'^# Copyright ((1999|200\d)-)?%s Gentoo Foundation$'
# Why a regex here, use a string match
# gentoo_license = re.compile(r'^# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2$')
gentoo_license = r'# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2'
cvs_header = re.compile(r'^#\s*\$Header.*\$$')
def new(self, pkg):
self.modification_year = str(time.gmtime(pkg.mtime)[0])
self.gentoo_copyright_re = re.compile(
self.gentoo_copyright % self.modification_year)
def check(self, num, line):
if num > 2:
elif num == 0:
if not self.gentoo_copyright_re.match(line):
return errors.COPYRIGHT_ERROR
elif num == 1 and line.strip() != self.gentoo_license:
return errors.LICENSE_ERROR
elif num == 2:
if not self.cvs_header.match(line):
return errors.CVS_HEADER_ERROR
class EbuildWhitespace(LineCheck):
"""Ensure ebuilds have proper whitespacing"""
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.minorsyn'
ignore_line = re.compile(r'(^$)|(^(\t)*#)')
leading_spaces = re.compile(r'^[\S\t]')
trailing_whitespace = re.compile(r'.*([\S]$)')
def check(self, num, line):
if not self.leading_spaces.match(line):
if not self.trailing_whitespace.match(line):
class EbuildQuote(LineCheck):
"""Ensure ebuilds have valid quoting around things like D,FILESDIR, etc..."""
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.minorsyn'
_ignored_commands = ["echo", "local", "export"]
_ignored_commands += ["eerror", "einfo", "elog", "eqawarn", "ewarn"]
ignore_line = re.compile(r'(^$)|(^\s*#.*)|(^\s*\w+=.*)' + \
r'|(^\s*(' + "|".join(_ignored_commands) + r')\s+)')
var_names = ["D", "DISTDIR", "FILESDIR", "S", "T", "ROOT", "WORKDIR"]
# variables for games.eclass
var_names += ["Ddir", "dir", "GAMES_PREFIX_OPT", "GAMES_DATADIR",
var_names = "(%s)" % "|".join(var_names)
var_reference = re.compile(r'\$(\{'+var_names+'\}|' + \
var_names + '\W)')
missing_quotes = re.compile(r'(\s|^)[^"\'\s]*\$\{?' + var_names + \
cond_begin = re.compile(r'(^|\s+)\[\[($|\\$|\s+)')
cond_end = re.compile(r'(^|\s+)\]\]($|\\$|\s+)')
def check(self, num, line):
if is None:
# There can be multiple matches / violations on a single line. We
# have to make sure none of the matches are violators. Once we've
# found one violator, any remaining matches on the same line can
# be ignored.
pos = 0
while pos <= len(line) - 1:
missing_quotes =, pos)
if not missing_quotes:
# If the last character of the previous match is a whitespace
# character, that character may be needed for the next
# missing_quotes match, so search overlaps by 1 character.
group =
pos = missing_quotes.end() - 1
# Filter out some false positives that can
# get through the missing_quotes regex.
if is None:
# This is an attempt to avoid false positives without getting
# too complex, while possibly allowing some (hopefully
# unlikely) violations to slip through. We just assume
# everything is correct if the there is a ' [[ ' or a ' ]] '
# anywhere in the whole line (possibly continued over one
# line).
if is not None:
if is not None:
# Any remaining matches on the same line can be ignored.
class EbuildAssignment(LineCheck):
"""Ensure ebuilds don't assign to readonly variables."""
repoman_check_name = 'variable.readonly'
readonly_assignment = re.compile(r'^\s*(export\s+)?(A|CATEGORY|P|PV|PN|PR|PVR|PF|D|WORKDIR|FILESDIR|FEATURES|USE)=')
line_continuation = re.compile(r'([^#]*\S)(\s+|\t)\\$')
ignore_line = re.compile(r'(^$)|(^(\t)*#)')
def __init__(self):
self.previous_line = None
def check(self, num, line):
match = self.readonly_assignment.match(line)
e = None
if match and (not self.previous_line or not self.line_continuation.match(self.previous_line)):
self.previous_line = line
return e
class EbuildNestedDie(LineCheck):
"""Check ebuild for nested die statements (die statements in subshells"""
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.nesteddie'
nesteddie_re = re.compile(r'^[^#]*\([^)]*\bdie\b')
def check(self, num, line):
if self.nesteddie_re.match(line):
return errors.NESTED_DIE_ERROR
class EbuildUselessDodoc(LineCheck):
"""Check ebuild for useless files in dodoc arguments."""
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.minorsyn'
uselessdodoc_re = re.compile(
def check(self, num, line):
match = self.uselessdodoc_re.match(line)
if match:
return "Useless dodoc '%s'" % (, ) + " on line: %d"
class EbuildUselessCdS(LineCheck):
"""Check for redundant cd ${S} statements"""
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.minorsyn'
method_re = re.compile(r'^\s*src_(compile|install|test)\s*\(\)')
cds_re = re.compile(r'^\s*cd\s+("\$(\{S\}|S)"|\$(\{S\}|S))\s')
def __init__(self):
self.check_next_line = False
def check(self, num, line):
if self.check_next_line:
self.check_next_line = False
if self.cds_re.match(line):
return errors.REDUNDANT_CD_S_ERROR
elif self.method_re.match(line):
self.check_next_line = True
class EbuildPatches(LineCheck):
"""Ensure ebuilds use bash arrays for PATCHES to ensure white space safety"""
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.patches'
re = re.compile(r'^\s*PATCHES=[^\(]')
error = errors.PATCHES_ERROR
class EbuildQuotedA(LineCheck):
"""Ensure ebuilds have no quoting around ${A}"""
repoman_check_name = 'ebuild.minorsyn'
a_quoted = re.compile(r'.*\"\$(\{A\}|A)\"')
def check(self, num, line):
match = self.a_quoted.match(line)
if match:
return "Quoted \"${A}\" on line: %d"
class InheritAutotools(LineCheck):
Make sure appropriate functions are called in
ebuilds that inherit autotools.eclass.
repoman_check_name = 'inherit.autotools'
ignore_line = re.compile(r'(^|\s*)#')
_inherit_autotools_re = re.compile(r'^\s*inherit\s(.*\s)?autotools(\s|$)')
_autotools_funcs = (
"eaclocal", "eautoconf", "eautoheader",
"eautomake", "eautoreconf", "_elibtoolize")
_autotools_func_re = re.compile(r'(^|\s)(' + \
"|".join(_autotools_funcs) + ')(\s|$)')
def new(self, pkg):
self._inherit_autotools = None
self._autotools_func_call = None
def check(self, num, line):
if self._inherit_autotools is None:
self._inherit_autotools = self._inherit_autotools_re.match(line)
if self._inherit_autotools is not None and \
self._autotools_func_call is None:
self._autotools_func_call =
def end(self):
if self._inherit_autotools and self._autotools_func_call is None:
yield 'no eauto* function called'
class IUseUndefined(LineCheck):
Make sure the ebuild defines IUSE (style guideline
says to define IUSE even when empty).
repoman_check_name = 'IUSE.undefined'
_iuse_def_re = re.compile(r'^IUSE=.*')
def new(self, pkg):
self._iuse_def = None
def check(self, num, line):
if self._iuse_def is None:
self._iuse_def = self._iuse_def_re.match(line)
def end(self):
if self._iuse_def is None:
yield 'IUSE is not defined'
_constant_checks = tuple((c() for c in (
EbuildHeader, EbuildWhitespace, EbuildQuote,
EbuildAssignment, EbuildUselessDodoc,
EbuildUselessCdS, EbuildNestedDie,
EbuildPatches, EbuildQuotedA,
IUseUndefined, InheritAutotools)))
def run_checks(contents, pkg):
checks = _constant_checks
for lc in checks:
for num, line in enumerate(contents):
for lc in checks:
ignore = lc.ignore_line
if not ignore or not ignore.match(line):
e = lc.check(num, line)
if e:
yield lc.repoman_check_name, e % (num + 1)
for lc in checks:
i = lc.end()
if i is not None:
for e in i:
yield lc.repoman_check_name, e